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Car Rental Companies Face Challenges in Renting Electric Vehicles

In February 2012, Nissan and Europcar announced that the Nissan LEAF would be available for rental in Paris and London. But EV rentals are not always well received.

After jumping on the electric car bandwagon a couple of years ago, auto rental companies and their customers are apparently falling out of love with plug-in cars. Last month in the U.K. rental car company Europcar quietly confirmed that it had removed all electric cars from its fleet because demand for EV rentals was too low. In New York, where car rental giant Enterprise offers customers the chance to choose an electric car over a gasoline model, customers are returning electric car rentals to swap them for gas-powered cars.

What’s going wrong and how can it be changed?

Renter Anxiety and High Price

Mike Harrigan, eFleet manager of City CarShare and former vice-president of marketing at Tesla Motors, said that range anxiety is prominent among car renters when it comes to choosing an EV, especially if the renter has no prior experience of an electric car. “Battery EVs aren’t well suited for traditional car renting due to range limitations, uncertainty and time required to recharge,” he said. Like new EV drivers, customers renting an electric car for the first time are unfamiliar with the technology, and therefore can be wary of real-world range. Newbies also do not fully understand the different types of charging technologies such as 240-volt Level 2 and CHAdeMo charging.

Without any guidance from the rental company on finding and using local charging stations, even established EV drivers avoid EV rentals when away from home. In 2011, I experienced this problem for myself after renting a Nissan LEAF in downtown San Francisco. With no guide to local charging stations and in a city I didn’t know well, I found my own range anxiety much higher than it would have been at home.

An Enterprise Rental Nissan LEAF in San Francisco.

To counteract the range anxiety and unfamiliarity with EVs, cars fitted with range-extending engines or larger battery packs would help. “Improved range would help, but it comes at a price that most people don’t want to pay,” said Harrigan. In other words, EVs with higher capabilities are more expensive for the rental companies to purchase, and as a result, the agency passes the higher cost to its customers.

“No wonder no one wants to rent one,” said Harrigan. City CarShare, he said, tries to price its EVs at or below the rate for similar gasoline cars, but very few other companies follow the same policy.

Evolved Solutions Needed

Traditional rental models don’t work for electric cars for a number of reasons: a lack of coherent, ubiquitous charging infrastructure; poor awareness of EVs by both consumers and rental companies; and rental agreements that cover a single car, rather than an interchangeable set of vehicles over a period of time.

But as car sharing services like Car2Go have shown, electric car rentals—when packaged in the context of short-term, by-the-hour car share schemes for registered members—can be extremely popular, especially if appropriately incentivized.

In Berlin, where the Car2Go Service offers both gasoline and electric Smart ForTwo cars, incentives come in the form of free rental minutes if a customer remembers to plug the rented electric car into a public charging station at the end of a rental period. The promise of those free minutes alone increases uptake on EV borrowing.

The very concept of car sharing could hold the key to improving an electric car rental experience. “The system allows a car share member to reserve, pick up, drive, and drop off cars in an unattended model at distributed locations,” siad Harrigan. Instead of requiring renters to use just one car during their visit, rental companies can mix and match cars to renter’s itineraries to meet specific travel needs. As a result, EVs can be included on routes where there is charging, but customers can switch to longer range vehicles for other days of a trip.

Harrigan believes that charging stations must be placed in locations where EV renters are most likely to visit, such as hotels, convention centers and popular tourist spots. And that more progress is needed in recent industry efforts to make EV charging networks operate on a common open platform for easy access and payments. Without these efforts, electric car rental is likely to continue to encounter the same obstacles causing some big rental companies to cease offering EVs.

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Car Rental Coupons – car rental savings

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Canadian Rental Cars

Whether you re road tripping through the state or venturing around the city, do yourself a favor and rent a car in Canadian, Oklahoma. When you sit behind the wheel of your rental car, you can forget about hailing taxis and memorizing public transportation schedules. Because with access to a car rental in Canadian, you re free to travel where and when you want. Thanks to a set of wheels, experience the freedom of exploring the entire area on your own watch. Spend the morning browsing a museum on one side of town and then hit up an attraction on the opposite side of town in the afternoon without a care in the world.

If you re in search of a cheap car rental in Canadian, Oklahoma suiting all your needs, look no further than our selection of vehicles right here on Expedia. From large vans spacious enough to comfortably fit your whole family to sporty convertibles to cruise around in style, we offer it all. Browse our fleet to acquire a luxury rental with all the latest technology or a compact economy car with ideal gas mileage. Whatever kind of vehicle you picture yourself driving on the open road with, we ll help you find it. You ll come across numerous Canadian car rentals matching not only your preferences, but your price range too. Book our cheap discounts, buckle up, and start your adventures with a rental car today.

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Rent a Car in San Francisco, California

New visitors to the City by the Bay sometimes underestimate the importance of a car rental from a San Francisco company. Although ambling through the city can be a pleasure, its famous hills can exhaust even the most seasoned walker by day’s end. Savvy travelers save their feet for the walking tours. The best way to enjoy the scenery is from inside a reliable vehicle from Miles Car Rental San Francisco.

Many San Francisco trips involve leaving the city, an impossible feat without a dependable rental car. Napa Valley wine tastings and gourmet dinners are popular with most visitors, as are the indulgent spas of Sonoma. Sporty convertibles help tourists get into the mood for surfing in Santa Cruz, while luxury SUVs are perfect for making family trips to the state capitol building in Sacramento in comfort and style.

Even certain sights within the city limits are easier to access with the help of a rental car. From Golden Gate Park to the best San Francisco beaches, renting a vehicle makes visiting multiple sites a breeze. Renting a car allows visitors the freedom to see the top San Francisco attractions without adhering to public transportation schedules. Reserving a car rental in San Francisco also means avoiding expensive cab fare during sightseeing trips.

Tourists aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the services of a first-rate car rental company. Even natives sometimes need a vehicle for the day or weekend. A rental can save the day when the car is in the shop for repairs. Those who normally rely on public transportation may find themselves temporarily in need of a vehicle as well, whether for heading out of town or driving around the city.

Renting a luxury car just for fun can add excitement and a touch of glamor to ordinary weekends. Heading to a fabulous restaurant and a night out in an exotic model is a great way to turn ho-hum Saturdays and Sundays into dazzling stay-cations. Upgrading to a beautiful sports car or luxury model is also a surefire way to create a memorable first date or impress a new client.

Tourists and locals looking for a car rental in San Francisco must choose carefully. Rates, service and vehicle selection are all crucial factors when choosing a car rental firm. Miles Car Rental San Francisco offers a wide variety of vehicles at amazing rates, all delivered with unfailingly friendly, dependable customer service.

No matter what the reason for renting a vehicle, San Francisco drivers deserve the very best. Miles Car Rental offers something for every budget, from fuel-efficient economy models to top-of-the-line luxury cars. Dependability is key, but style is important as well. That’s why there’s a car for every personality, from cute yet practical to flat-out glamorous.

Every customer should feel valued as well, from the moment of arrival till the time the car is returned. Miles Car Rental San Francisco can be counted upon to provide an extraordinary experience for every customer, every time they visit.


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Barbados Car Rental – Car Hire Price Comparison

Barbados car rental offers you the option to compare all major and independent car rental suppliers and to book your car rental in real-time online. We offer rental cars in all major cities of Barbados and you can save up to 40%.

Barbados Car Rental shows a price comparison of all the leading car rental providers including Sixt, Alamo, CarTrawler to find you the very best deal on your car rental.

Use our Barbados car rental quote system and in 2 minutes you will have a comparison of all providers in Barbados. Then choose your preferred car rental agency and car hire rate. We offer a great range of vehicles at every destination from cheap economy cars through to luxury convertibles. Start now and simply complete the form for an instant online quote.

Barbados Travel Guide and Car Hire tips

The island of Barbados is a self ruling country located to the west of the North Atlantic. The population in Barbados is estimated to be about 300,000 with close to 100,000 residing in the capital city of Bridgetown which is also the largest city in Barbados. It is amongst the most visited Caribbean states by tourists and it is also the most developed of the islands in the Caribbean.

How do I enter Barbados?

In order to enter Barbados most states from Africa, Europe and South America, you do not require visas. They only have to have a valid passport. The countries that require visas can obtain them from embassies of Barbados. You can consult with your embassy to get information on visa requirements.

Where do I stay in Barbados?

Barbados being a large island, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to stay. They vary from luxurious world class accommodation to budget friendly guest houses that offer bed and breakfast.

You can also opt to stay in apartment hotels or apartments where you enjoy hotel like accommodation, but you have cooking facilities. These ones are easily accessible as most are located close to the beaches and are very ideal for families. There are also luxurious villas and even cottages you can rent in Barbados.

What cuisine options do I have in Barbados?

You can indulge in the iconic flying fish which can be served fried or breaded with yellow sauce. If you are a fun of hot pepper, then the yellow source is the best hot pepper deal. You can also indulge in the traditional dish, the pepperpot. This is basically a stew of pork served in a dark brown spicy source; you cannot leave Barbados without trying this.

You can also indulge in a local sandwich, the cutters, made from salt bread with a variety of filings to select from like ham, flying fish. The only disappointment you will encounter in Barbados is the lack of fast food joints and it will be hard to come across beef products as well. However, you can get fish and chicken sandwiches from most restaurants like Chefette and KFC. You can wash down the meat with gay rum or other rum drinks famous in Barbados.

Why you should rent a car in Barbados?

The most ideal way to tour the amazing places Barbados has to offer is by car hire. It is true that there are other modes of transport, but none of them offers the comfort and versatility car rental offers. There are numerous car hire agencies in Barbados with most international car rental companies located at the airports.

When you rent a car, you will be able to drive from the capital to other towns for sight seeing and still make it back in time for a glass of rum as you enjoy cool music of the Barbados in the night time. You can enjoy club hoping in Barbados in your car rental to the wee hours of the night and still drive off to your hotel in peace.

It is also possible to get cheap car hire in most car hire agencies around Barbados. Enjoy the wildlife reserves in Barbados, the Graeme hall sanctuary, the Sunbury plant house and enjoy surfing at the soup bowl among other amazing places in a car rental.

Barbados car rental and car hire locations

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Car Rental Companies

at San Francisco Airport

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    Personal Rentals

    Whether you’re one of our longtime neighbors or just visiting our fair city, Edge Auto Rental has been trusted for a decade, providing a diverse range of affordable and reliable vehicles. Maintained in exceptional condition, our fleet has everything you need. Whether you want a vehicle for a weekend getaway, a shopping trip, a move, or a group outing, Edge is committed to putting you behind the wheel of dependable vehicles at the fairest rates in New York City.

    Please Note: Edge does not accept debit cards, checks, or cash for rentals. All major credit cards are accepted.

    Cargo Vans

    Whether you’re moving into a new home in Staten Island or changing office buildings, rent a cargo van from us and simplify the process. Our cargo vans have 8 feet of space for hauling as well as seating for two passengers. It’s the perfect rental to get your larger items across the city.

    Pickup Trucks

    Perfect for daily, weekly, and monthly jobs, nothing says power and durability like a pickup truck from Edge Auto Rental. Our pickups offer power and heavy-duty cargo capacity built to out-perform the toughest vehicles.


    Elegant interior design and excellent turning radius have made our selection of Mercedes Sprinters among the most popular vehicles in our fleet. Get your group or goods where they need to go in style.

    More About Our Personal Rentals

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    Car Rental Brisbane Airport

    Book a car

      Show Me All Green Traveler Collection Fun Collection Prestige Collection

      Vehicles in this category illustrate the wide range of vehicles that Hertz rents – from Economy to Luxury, SUVs, Convertibles, as well as signature Collections – Green, Prestige and Adrenaline. The collection vehicles are reservable by make and model. so the car you reserve is the car you get. Hertz has a rental car to suit all tastes and needs.

      Reserve and Conserve. The Hertz Green Traveler Collection is our line of eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles that are good for the environment and easy on the wallet. The vehicles are reservable by make & model — so the car you reserve is the one you get. Green Traveler Collection vehicles are available in the U.S. Canada.

      Not all vehicles available at all locations, and Collection models are subject to change without notice.

      The Hertz Fun Collection includes a unique blend of convertibles, coupes, and SUVs. Fun Collection vehicles are make and model-reservable*. so you know the car you book is the one you’ll be driving away in. Fun Collection vehicles in Europe are available to rent with our NeverLost In-Car Navigation System and in the U.S. include SiriusXM Satellite Radio, except in Hawaii.

      Restrictions apply. Not all vehicles available at all locations. Collection models are subject to change without notice.

      *Make and model-reservable: The make and model of the vehicle reserved is the make and model rented.

      The Hertz Prestige Collection offers luxury and performance vehicles that are make and model-reservable* in the U.S. Canada, Europe and Australia. Prestige Collection vehicles in the US and Canada include complimentary NeverLost In-Car Navigation System and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Minimum Rental age for Prestige Collection vehicles is 25 (exceptions apply).

      Minimum Rental age for Prestige Collection vehicles is 25 (exceptions apply). Not all models are available at all locations. Vehicle models are subject to change without notice.

      *Make and model-reservable: The make and model of the vehicle reserved is the make and model rented.

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    Car Rental Brisbane

    based on 22 reviews.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and having a car to move around in, contributed to that and we do not hesitate to recommend Brisbane Rent A Car to our friends.

    For urgent enquiries or bookings call us toll free on:

    National: 1800 807 812 – International: 0800 441 607

    After you have made your booking we will reserve a particular hire car for you at the budget rental rate chosen. Your credit card will not be debited until you collect your hire car from our office.

    When you arrive at Brisbane airport, simply collect your luggage and call us. We will explain to you where to meet our customer service mini-bus at the airport. Pick ups outside normal working hours will incur a minimal fee.

    At our car rental centre, it will take only a few minutes to complete the paperwork and hand you the keys to your hire car. Our team will familiarise you with your vehicle and offer travel tips about the routes you are planning to take.

    It’s all part of Brisbane Rent A Car’s drive to save you money and time – and ensure you get the best value during your stay in Brisbane.

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