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Monday, November 16, 2015

Online Operator Uses “Rent-To-Own” Bait To Peddle Dubious Home Listings For $199; Racket’s Trail Unhappy Customers Earn It “F” Rating From BBB

In Hartford, Connecticut, NBC Connecticut reports:

  • Imagine getting a letter from a stranger who is trying to rent the home you already live in. It’s happened to a number of people because a company advertises homes as available for rent to own, but many are not.

Looking for a home on Craigslist . Wesley, Susan and Kelly found ads for attractive rent-to-own homes at a low cost . “I was excited quite honestly,” Kelly said.

They called the number advertised and say a high pressure sales pitch had them pulling out their credit cards to pay $199 dollars for a list of what was described as “distressed properties” in “pre-foreclosure” from a company called American Standard .

The houses are vacant or they are moving out because they are getting ready to lose the house ,” explained Kelly. Wesley said a sales representative told him the company had already been in contact with the home owners. “Absolutely, I mean how else are they going to bring us on sight for a face to face with a homeowner if they didn’t have some type of business relationship with them?”

According to Kelly, a telephone rep also sold her on the list of desperate home owners who would let her check out their houses, then rent-to-own if she wanted . “I would actually be able to see the house and be inside the house.”

But soon after American Standard had their money, Wesley and Susan learned they wouldn’t be directly connected with the homeowners at all.

“Then they started stipulating that “’well when you do find a house we’re going to send you a letter. You fill out the letter and then you send that to the homeowner.”’ Wesley explained. “And then flags really started raising because you contradicted yourself from what you told us initially.”

They went ahead and sent the letter for a house they liked anyway. When they didn’t get a response, they managed to track down the owner by phone. “They never heard of American Standard,” said Susan.

They started to question just what had they had paid $199 for? “We never saw anything that they indicated they would provide us,” said Wesley.

The company’s website states they are “Among the largest providers of distressed properties.” But, if you look at a different link on the website, American Standard warns they take “No responsibility for the accuracy of the list”. Wesley says the sales person never said that over the phone when he handed over his money.

Troubleshooters showed Wesley and Susan another home on their list that was quite a shock. It’s the one they’re living in now! “There it is son of a gun,” gasped Wesley in surprise.

How is that possible? Wesley says they’re in a three year lease. I spoke with the owner of his home who tells me he has never heard of American Standard and he purchased the house less than a year ago and has never been behind in the payments. Kelly says she feels tricked by the company. “They took my money and ran.”

Some of the homes on this list from American Standard don’t even exist . For instance, went to verify the listing of what is supposed to be 23 Todd road in Shelton, but it’s just vacant land. The city of Shelton has no record of a home being here. According to the list, there is supposed to a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home here. We found 9 other addresses on the list where the homes don’t exist.

We also took a closer look at their Craigslist ads. In one, there is a picture and details for a 3 bedroom home in Hartford that is also listed as a 4 bedroom home in Naugatuck. “I want my money back,” said Wesley.

The American Standard website advertises they are “one of the most trusted names in the business.” However, we found more than 700 complaints about them and the other name the company sells the list under, “Anchor House Financial” . [go here for some examples ]

After repeated attempts to contact the company’s’ owners at their Santa Barbara California offices, the troubleshooters received an email back. They did not answer any of our questions, but asked for the names of the customers so they could contact them directly about their issues.

Meanwhile, Kelly, who accidentally bought lists from both companies not knowing they are from the same owners and have the same information, got a refund from Anchor House Financial. But not American Standard, they emailed her and said too much time had passed.

She hopes her story will serve as a warning for others. “They took advantage of somebody who needs housing who doesn’t have a big income and they made money on me,” said Kelly.

The Better Business Bureau has an alert out for both companies . They urge you to file a complaint if you have dealt with them and have a problem with American Standard or Anchor House Financial.

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    Wednesday, 11 November 2015

    Fantastice Buy to Let property in Springfield, Chelmsford.

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    Rental wise, you would be looking at approximately 1100 pcm, therefore this could generate you an annual yield of 4.8%. All in all, this would be a great little buy to let property, not only for capital growth, but also for yield.

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    The Full List of Car Rental Cancellation Policies

    Last updated: August 28, 2015 This is the last time all the information was updated and verified by a human being.

    If you don’t need the car, you can just cancel, right? While that s true most of the time, it s not always the case.

    While that still is the case most of the time, exceptions do apply. If you never put down your credit card information, you’re game. But if for some reason, you’ve decided to prepay for a reservation or decided to go with an agency that has decided it’s sick of dealing with non-showing customers, it pays to be aware of each company’s cancellation policy.

    We’ve collated a list of some of the major car rental agencies out there, trying to figure out what their exact fees were for bailing on a reservation. It should be especially useful for people who aren’t exactly sure of their plans or plan to rebook their car rentals if they end up finding a better rate. Though the general rule of thumb is pretty lenient, I’m still a bit too anal to leave this all the chance. (I guess I’ve been dealing with airlines for way too long.)

    The two fees most commonly assessed are the cancellation fee and the no-show fee. Though they sound similar, they’re both slightly different. The cancellation fee is often determined by how late the reservation was canceled. No-show fees are often tacked on if the renter fails to cancel and pick up the car within a specified amount of time; in some instances, the late cancellation fee will act as the no-show fee.

    The fees are divided into one of two categories, if you’ve prepaid online or you’ve made a normal reservation. Prepaid reservations across the board tend to incur more penalties but give better rates. We verified these fees with customer representatives; where the information differed from the official website, we went with the website.

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    The Crafty Traveller: Hiring a holiday car? Don’t let yourself be taken for a fuel

    Published: 13:10 GMT, 26 August 2012 | Updated: 13:37 GMT, 26 August 2012



    Car-hire firms are increasingly hitting customers with unacceptable fuel charges. I found this out to my cost a few weeks ago renting a car with a company called Record Go at Malaga Airport. While the rental itself was cheap, under the booking terms I had to pay upfront for a full tank of petrol.

    I was told I should return the car with the tank as empty as possible, and that there would be no refund for unused fuel.

    Given that it’s impossible to return a car with an empty tank, and obviously foolish to try to do so, this so-called ‘full-empty’ policy is a blatant rip-off.

    Don’t be taken for a ride: Hire car companies are increasingly charging fuel fees

    The rental company can charge the next customer for the fuel you’ve left in – in my case, nearly half a tank. To make matters worse, Record Go overcharged me for the petrol. I paid them €81.54 (£64) for the full tank.

    The fuel tank capacity of the Ford Fiesta Trend 1.25 I was renting is 42 litres. Petrol currently costs around €1.45 in southern Spain, so filling up should cost about €61 (£48).

    I’d booked the car through Holiday Autos, one of the UK’s leading car rental brokers. It told me that full-empty fuel policies have become much more common with rental companies in the past few years, and are now ‘almost standard’ with local (as opposed to international) rental firms in Spain.

    It says it’s trying to make the fuel arrangements clearer on its website. But I think Holiday Autos, and other brokers, should also use their financial clout to pressurise rental firms to stop the full-empty scam – and to stop overcharging for fuel.

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    The Best Video Stores in Toronto

    Review by Alice Prendergast October 10, 2015

    The best video rental stores in Toronto are world class havens filled with cult films and blockbusters. With streaming services like Netflix cornering the at home movie watching market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find well-stocked video stores. Luckily, these shops, have managed to stand the test of time and carry flicks you just can’t find on the internet.

    Of course, if you’re a seasoned film buff looking for an expansive collection, you can always check out the TIFF Film Reference library. it may not be a rental store per say, but it’s collection blows most shops out of the water.

    The Best Video Stores in Toronto

    With locations at Queen and Spadina and The Annex, this shop is keeping the tradition of video renting alive by offering a ton of titles not available on Netflix and Shomi. The store boasts an astronomically large library of DVDs and Blu-rays for customers to browse through, with everything from classic films to contemporary TV shows lining their shelves.

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    Room You

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    4 Walls

    Finding a place to live in a new city can be a very hectic time, especially when you re trying to pack your things, maintain a job until you.

    Find Home Rentals

    Looking for a home in a new neighborhood or state can be difficult. Most individuals don t have the time to visit the area and actually drive.

    For Lease By Owner

    Relocating is a very hectic time in a family or individual s life. Taking care of everything in the old location and preparing everything in.

    Relocating to another city or state can be extremely stressful. From trying to maintain things in your current location to making preparations in.

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