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The Best Ways to Find an Apartment

by Rocco Pendola

Don’t stress over finding an apartment.


There are several routes you can take when searching for an apartment. You can do all of the work yourself. You can do some of the work yourself. Or you can let somebody else do all of the work for you. The latter scenario typically requires hiring an apartment finding service. This can be costly, but if you lack time or know-how, local experts can line up places for you to see that fit the criteria you give them. Other services charge you for access to a database of apartment listings, but you need to take care of the legwork on your own. You can do all of the above for free. Find listings. Set up appointments. Meet landlords. The ball is in your court.

The Internet

Most apartment searches begin on the Internet. In some cities, particularly San Francisco, Craigslist is the major player. You can search listings on Craigslist by apartment size, price and, in San Francisco and Manhattan, by neighborhood. If your city’s Craiglist site does not have a drop-down menu for neighborhoods, you can search by keywords. Other sites, such as and, can round out a Craigslist-focused search; however, you might find a fair bit of repetition between sites. Another rich online source for rental listings is the newspaper’s website., the site of the San Francisco Chronicle, offers free apartment listings, with a search by neighborhood and unit type.


Word of Mouth

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    The Best One-Way Car Rental Discount Codes

    The thing about a one-way car rental is, is when you’ve got to do them, you’ve got to really do them. Here’s at least how to do it cheaply.

    Updated July 7, 2015: Enterprise, which owns National, has asked us to pull their codes from this post.

    In my opinion, one-way rentals are like the red-headed children of the car rental industry since they’re usually more expensive than normal rentals. Coupons rarely help get the cost down, but corporate codes usually provide the most reliable savings.

    The downside of using these corporate codes we culled from FlyerTalk is that most car rental agencies are more likely charge a drop-off fee and/or charge for mileage — this was particularly true of the Avis codes I tried. Normal retail customers will often get a higher daily rate, but on the flip side will include unlimited miles. Basically, the final cost will depend on how far you plan to drive, so watch the fine print.

    Though I try to stick through Hertz most of the time, I don’t play favorites with one-way rentals. Generally, after running a basic search. I’ll start putting in discount codes and coupons into the cheapest rates I find. It’s usually a good modus operandi to operate on, however, National seems to consistently give one of the best rates once a corporate code is applied. (For one-way rentals, National came in second most-expensive in a search, but this held up oddly enough. This is also backed up on FlyerTalk.)

    In particular, the Big 10 university code (redacted ) seems to yield the best rates, often taking a quote down hundreds of dollars. OSU states that its specifically for [Big 10] faculty and staff, including immediate family (spouse and children residing in the same household), retirees and their spouses, on university business and personal rentals. The only downsides are that the staff can check your eligibility and the fact that it includes rental insurance (I’ll explain that in a second).

    I ran a quote on National for one day in January from a local branch in Anaheim, California to another local branch in San Francisco. With no code, I was looking at $195 to rent the car. After using the Big 10 code, the base rate dropped down to $30.32 with no drop-off charge and unlimited mileage. Another Big 10 code (redacted ) intended for personal rentals and no insurance also left me with $30.32.

    Now, the real reason why you don’t want insurance included is because if you get into an accident while you’re on the road, and you’re not eligible to use it, you could find yourself in a super, sticky mess. Codes that include no insurance are preferred, so you can use opt for your normal car insurance or for a credit card that has rental coverage.

    I decided to rent the car because I actually did need it and sprung for the leisure code. Though I’m not actually affiliated with the Big 10, I didn’t get questioned at the counter — chances are, who’s ever at the counter won’t care. We could go on ad nasueum about whether using these codes if you’re not eligible for them is ethical. but in the end, you’ll have to abide by your personal judgment. My final total was $32.75 (not including gas) for what ended up being a 407-mile (655 km) drive between Orange County and San Francisco.

    The full list of one-way discount coupons are below; be sure to check things like included mileage and drop charges. And for sure, let us know if a code isn’t working!

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    Searching for an apartment in a new city or state can be a big hassle. Aside from having to find the new home, many individuals have to pack up.

    When it comes time to relocate to a new city or state, it can be difficult to find a new place that suits your needs. Often, individuals have to.

    Apartment Ratings

    Moving from one city or state to another can be an extremely hectic time in one s life. Packing up belongings, renting trucks or hiring.

    The goal of and other condo or apartment finder services is to make relocating easier for individuals. The alternative to sites like this.

    Apartment Hunterz

    Claiming to be California s largest apartment finding website, Apartment Hunterz provides a very promising site, complete with a lot of.

    MyApartment Map

    Moving from one city to another, or one state to another, can be extremely stressful. Many people would first begin looking up complexes or housing.

    While most apartment finder websites exist to make things easier for those who are relocating, some are definitely better than others.

    ApartmentSearch by Cort

    The purpose of apartment finder websites is to make things easier for those who are relocating to a new city or state. With the many other chores.

    Apartment Finder

    Apartment Finder s website is very neat and clean; there aren t a lot of ads or links cluttering it. At first glance, it gives a good.


    While it can be very frustrating to try and find a home in a new state or city, apartment finder websites aim to take a load off of your shoulders.

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    The Best Car Hire for Young Drivers (and Under-21s)

    5 Comments | Add Comment | Article posted 25th July, 2014

    If you re under 21 it can be difficult to find anywhere to rent a car. In some countries, like most states in America for example, you have to be over 25. In the UK the standard age is 22 or 23 depending on the company and the vehicle. In most countries throughout the world you will be able to find somewhere to rent a car if you are under 21, but it ll mean more time looking and more money spent.

    In this guide we ll tell you all you need to know about renting a vehicle if you re under 21. As well as recommending our favourite brokers and rental providers, we ll give you some useful tips for things to watch out for.

    Independent rentals

    Often you ll stand more of a chance of renting a car if you visit a small, independent provider. Small companies usually have more flexible rules and can decide to rent vehicles to younger drivers if business is quiet.

    Instead of booking in advance, it s a good idea to visit the company in person. Sometimes companies will offer you older cars as they ll be less concerned about damage. There are companies who specialise in older vehicles for younger drivers, like Cairns Older Car Hire in Australia for example. Sometimes older cars will have limited mileage and there are likely to be different conditions attached to your policy than if you were renting a newer car. Remember to read the small print before buying.


    There have been news stories about rogue traders offering attractive deals to young drivers. Watch out for Burton car hire, sometimes trading under the name HBC or BCH rentals. Aside from the news story, they have plenty of negative reviews online and should be avoided. Unfortunately, young drivers are often seen as easy targets because they are less likely to question a higher rental cost and different rental terms.

    Young driver surcharge

    Because rental companies see younger drivers as more of a risk they will almost always charge a surcharge on top of the basic rental fee. Sometimes surcharges are not included in the price you re quoted online and you ll have to pay it when you collect the vehicle. In the UK you can pay as much as £40 per day just for the surcharge. In the States expect to pay at least $20 per day.

    Younger drivers, tighter rules

    A lot of companies that rent vehicles to under 21s will have tighter rental rules. As well as a surcharge you might be charged an additional fee if you have endorsements on your licence. Also, if you re securing the deposit with someone else s credit card, the provider might require that person to be present as well. Also, it s likely that your excess will be considerably higher than usual.


    Although the minimum rental age in most of America is 25, different states have different laws, and it is possible to rent a car if you are under 21. Fox Rent A Car will rent any of their vehicles to 19 and 20 year olds. That includes SUVs, sports cars, Jeeps and convertibles. They will charge a surcharge of $14 a day.

    See our very own Petrol Prices guide for car hire in the US here .

      Top Rental Provider*

      5 stars out of 5

    Avis  is one of the only large providers in the UK that rent cars to drivers aged 17-25 .

    Avis have been around since 1946 and currently operate in over 5,000 locations in 165 countries. They are a well-respected rental company with a loyal customer base. What s more, their website is clear and their pricing is transparent.

    If you are under 25 you will have to pay a surcharge of at least £37 per day ,  depending on the vehicle. Even though this surcharge makes the rental a lot more expensive, Avis are much more upfront about their prices than a lot of other rental companies, meaning you won t get any nasty surprises when you go to collect the vehicle.

    Online prices include:

    • Young driver surcharge.
    • Vehicle registration fee.
    • Local tax.
    • Damage cover (not including excess ).
    • Unlimited mileage.
    • Theft protection.

    Note, drivers under 25 will only be able to rent vehicles in categories A (mini), B (economy), and C (small compact).

    Also note, paying online in advance will work out slightly cheaper.

    Top price comparison website/broker*

    121 car hire  search lots of rental providers to find you the best deal, including big names like National, Budget, Thrifty, and Sixt. When searching for a vehicle you will be asked to enter the driver s age. For various UK locations we found deals for 17-25 year olds for compact and economy cars.

    Drivers aged below 25 will have to pay a £39 surcharge which is not included in the final price shown in your online booking and is payable when collecting the vehicle either in cash or credit card.

    The rental packages depend on who you rent with, but most through 121 car hire include the following benefits:

    • Free basic breakdown cover.
    • Free collision damage waiver.
    • No credit card fees.
    • Unlimited mileage.

    *Quoted prices relate to a 24 hour rental for the cheapest vehicle (usually a compact or economy car) where the vehicle is returned to the same location. Other options such as insurance, GPS, and additional drivers will vary in price.

    Under-21 tips

    • It might not be possible for young drivers to rent a car in advance. You will be more likely to get a car as a walk-in customer, especially during quiet periods.
    • Holiday destinations usually have lots of rental companies competing with each other, and often they are more desperate for your business.
    • Smaller rental companies are more likely to take you on than big ones. Independent businesses are usually more flexible in their rules.
    • There are specialist companies in different locations throughout the world who will find the best deals for young drivers. Try car rental scout. drive Africa. and New Zealand rental car hire .
    • Often you will only be able to rent the smallest, cheapest cars available.
    • Some providers will offer you older vehicles, or there might be rental companies specialising in older vehicles. Remember to read the small print before buying.
    • Check the rental company cover you for insurance. Sometimes you will have to pay extra for 3rd party insurance.
    • Remember to have a credit card to hand to secure a deposit. Smaller rental companies might ask you to leave a cash deposit but this is rare.
    • Sometimes rental companies will allow a parent, colleague, or friend to rent a car and then have you named as an under-age driver, though adding additional drivers will usually involve an extra charge, especially when the additional driver is under 21.

    Reviews for The Best Car Hire for Young Drivers (and Under-21s)

    mr crossland August 19, 2015

    cant believe that young people today are being penalised for the actions of the few after all they are not all bad drivers is it not like saying that if someone was a thief and came form your neighbourhood then all of you that live in that neighbourhood are thieves. Did you not all take the same test of competence to be told then that you are irresponsible and not competent doesn’t sound like an equal footing to me.

    Josh May 10, 2015

    report reply to Josh

    So they say on the website you need to have had your license for 12 months. Is this an update since you guys tried or is there more to it than they are saying?

    Lynda wheeler November 19, 2014

    fahez January 21, 2015

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    The 8 Best Websites for Finding a No Fee Rental Apartment in NYC

    Whether you’re new to New York or  just haven’t looked for a no fee apartment in awhile, one of the rudest shocks is how many rentals require you to pay a broker’s fee, typically 12 to 15% of a year’s rent.

    Handing over several thousand dollars or more to a broker can make sense if it’s your first time at the rodeo and you need help navigating the rental market (read this first ), you don’t have time to DIY, can’t find what you want on  your own , and/or you’re planning to stay put for a couple of years or longer.

    But if you’ve got the time  and perseverance to do the legwork yourself, there are plenty of options. To get started, here’s BrickUnderground’s annual update (originally posted on 5/27/15) of the best free places to kick off your no-fee apartment search online. The websites listed below get their no-fee listings directly from landlords, management companies,brokers whose fee is being paid by the landlord, and sometimes even renters themselves.  Some list both fee- and no-fee rentals but let you filter your search to display no-fee listings only.

    You’ll likely need to wade through some duplicates, but to truly get the most bang for your buck, searching on several different sites is an essential part of the process. Here are the ones you should hit:

    #find rental apartments

    The 22 Best Websites For Finding Rentals, Homes, Movers And Even Pet-Friendly Pads

    Aug 28, 2013 | Updated Aug 28, 2013

    Let’s be honest: Moving can be a big pain in the butt. Between packing everything you own into boxes, finding a new place that’s in your budget AND near enough to work (not to mention a decent bar and a dry cleaner) and hiring trustworthy movers that will get your stuff to your new home in one piece, your head will be spinning.

    Thankfully, there are some seriously good resources online that will take (some of) the stress out of the process. So stop trolling Craigslist and scroll through our big list of the best websites for rentals, new homes and moving below.

    Finding A Rental Apartment: This one’s a snap. Just type in the maximum rent you want to pay, and you’re on your way to finding your next home.

    ForRent: This site does it all AND has special sections for those who are living off campus or relocating.

    Rent Jungle: You can choose features you can’t live without, like a fireplace or hardwood floors, from thousands of listings in the area of your choice.

    Hotpads: Use this site’s interactive map to find a new place exactly where you want it.

    Apartable. If you’re in the New York area, Apartable can help you find NO FEE rentals. Which, if you live in this city, is huge.

    StreetEasy. Available only in certain metro areas so far, this site simplifies the process and connects you to the most viable rental and sales listings in your area.

    Padmapper. With the tagline “making apartment hunting suck less,” this site has a cool interactive map so you can pinpoint all of the rentals available in the area of your choice.

    Naked Apartments. Another site for New Yorkers, the best feature is it allows you to read anoymous reviews of brokers.

    Sociallisting. Not just for finding apartments, this cool site taps into your own friends via your social networks to help you find a new place (or even a job).

    If You’re Looking To Buy: Operated by the official National Association of Realtors, this site is legit.

    Trulia. This one has it all: houses, apartments and helpful information about local realtors.

    Zillow. This is the largest real estate network on the web and mobile, so this is your go-to site for info for buying OR renting your next place.

    Homefinder. Quickly search for houses for sale, rentals and even foreclosures. Exactly what it sounds like, this will connect you to local listings.

    Packing And Moving: A one-stop-shop for moving quotes, storage locations and handy tools like a moving cost calculator.

    Unpakt. You can shop for quotes with the specifics of your move, lock in a rate and book online.

    Door To Door: This Seattle-based company delivers portable containers that you pack at your pace, then they’ll pick them up and move them for you. This site lists reputable movers in your area so you won’t get, well, scammed.

    Uline. Need boxes, tape and packing peanuts? Head over to this site that has all of the materials for a successful move in one place.

    UShip: Do you have something unusually large (like a car) that you’re not sure how to get from point A to point B? Try here.

    Other Helpful Resources:

    I Am Moving. Don’t forget to change your address. This site will take care of letting over 1,500 organizations know where you’re heading for free.

    People With Pets. This is exactly what it sounds like: A resource for people who are moving with their furry friends and are looking for pet-friendly new homes.

    Also on Huffington Post:

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    The 3 Best One-Way Car Rental Companies

    Latest Update November 11, 2015

    Enterprise is the largest car rental company in the country, so finding locations near your starting point and final destination shouldn’t be a problem at all. Many locations are found at airports, but there are also some local rental facilities in cities and towns throughout the U.S. Like the other companies on this list, Enterprise has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, including compact cars, SUVs, vans, and more. Reservations can be made online or over the phone. All you need to do is select your travel dates and the locations where you’d like to pick up and drop off the rental vehicle. Then, choose from the available rental cars at your starting location and book your reservation. Before you book, check out some of Enterprise’s special offers because you may be able to find some additional savings that way.

    Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided by our advertisers. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by our advertisers. Reasonable efforts are made to present accurate info, however all information is presented without warranty. Consult our advertiser’s page for terms & conditions.

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    Our textbook prices are

    Click here to learn more about Textbook Price Match GUARANTEE!**

    **Restrictions apply. See in store for details.

    *Applies to new textbooks only. Prices on the majority of textbooks that are also available at the online competitor have been set to be generally much closer to the online competitor’s new book regular price excluding peer to peer sales. Some exceptions will apply. If the online competitor’s price is lower, please ask in store about our Textbook Price Match GUARANTEE.

    Textbook Rental (Now Featuring New Buyout Option)

    Not sure if you should rent? Rent anyway. Now you have nothing to lose!

    Now you have two options:

    OPTION 1: Rent It and Return It:

    Save up to 70% with textbook rentals (and even 80% with a couple of titles).

    You pick up your books, use them (including highlighting text, writing notes), and return the books before the due date, which is usually after final exams.

    You can rent in store or online, all you need is your student I.D. and a valid credit card (with an expiry date beyond the end of the rental period) for us to hold securely on file.

    Check out our rental faq page or in store for all of the details!

    Buy Used Textbooks & Save

    Sell Us Your Used Textbooks

    We buy back books year round at all three campus bookstores, however the prices are best near the beginning of a semester, especially when the book is being used in the upcoming term. We have also added three easy ways to help you know what your books are worth before you come to the store:

    Option 1: Get a Quote Now

    Tell us which books you want to sell and we’ll tell you if and when we are buying them, and what we are buying them back at.

    Sign up for Buyback Alert and we’ll notify you by email when we’re buying your textbooks back.

    Option 3: Used Books Buyback Mobile App

    Get a quote for your used books quickly and easily on the run with your smartphone. Runs on Apple or Android phones. Download the Buyback App now by going to your App store and searching for “Sell books Toronto.”

    #textbook rentals

    Textbook Rentals

    Our Rental Program

    We offer a book rental program to provide students with yet another option while purchasing textbooks. Plain and simple, renting textbooks saves you money and gives you the same result in your classes as buying your books. Renting a textbook is exactly like renting a movie. You pay for it, have it for a certain period and then have to return it by a certain date. Specifically, we set the date at the end of finals week for each semester. If you do not return it by that date, an extra charge will be added to your account. By renting a textbook you are saving 20-50% compared to a new or used book.

    Still confused about why you would want to rent instead of buying used? Well, we purchase books according to what the instructors decide to use. If the instructor uses the same books for the following semester, then it is better to have a used book and sell it back. However, if you buy used and the instructor decides to use a different book the next semester, chances are we will not buy the book back. In that case, it is better to have a rented book because you saved the money up front and didnХt lose anything. Buyback is great, except for the fact that it is not guaranteed. Renting textbooks allows you to purchase a book without the risk of it becoming worthless by the end of the semester. Renting is the safe option for you; it keeps your dough in your pocket and saves you from worrying about buybacks.

    Another awesome thing about renting books is if you decide you want to keep the book for future reference, all you have to do is pay the difference, and it is yours. Here at the South Dakota State University Bookstore we are committed to finding an affordable way for students to get their textbooks.

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    Thailand Villas

    Hand Picked Thailand Holiday Rentals Thai Vacation Rentals

    Thailand Holidays Begin. at home. Thailand Holiday House aims to assist the visitor to Thailand in choosing from a selection of responsible, unusual and honest holiday lettings, Thailand vacation rentals and Thailand villas available for rent across the country. Our aim is to ensure that when you next travel to Thailand, you enjoy a greater level of independence privacy, and superior accommodation with a certain something that differentiates it from the norm.

    Choosing holiday villas in Thailand or finding villas for rent for your Thailand holiday should be easy and risk free. The last thing anybody wants on a vacation is an unpleasant surprise. As Joan Rivers once quipped, “The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband.”

    Thailand Holiday Rentals by Region

    We have listed our Thai homes by geographic region. From the Thai region menu at the top of the page, you can select an area and then review a summary of that part of Thailand, its culture and cuisine, and the holiday homes available there.

    We deliberately aim to promote quality over quantity. We have restricted the house numbers in each region to ensure satisfaction. We do not wish to emulate simple listing sites that have no ultimate interest in the guest experience.

    Whilst this site’s primary focus is on holiday villas in Thailand and private Thai holiday rentals, rather than resorts, we also feature villas for rent in Bali, Indonesia, and also make it easy for you to find a hotel or resort in which to stay prior to moving into, or out of, your vacation rental.

    Our service – Finding the Perfect Thailand Villa for You

    Over several decades we have been frequent travellers to Thailand, and now call it home. We had grown tired of overpriced and monotonous hotel rooms, and discovered a burgeoning world of villas in Thailand offering a very different holiday experience. Our aim is to offer you the same choice. We specialize in ferreting out unique, one-of-a-kind holiday homes to rent in Thailand.!

    We showcase a variety of holiday houses across the country. These include villas in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in the North, to Phuket and Samui villas in the South, from countryside villas with private pools in Udon Thani province in the off-the-beaten-path Northeast to the tropical Thai island in central Thailand that is home to the stunning Koh Chang villa . Review the offered holiday properties here, select one or mix and match, then book a truly different stay in the Kingdom.

    Inspire Me – Thai Villas in Pictures

    Take a look at our Thailand villas photos page – this features a small selection of the holiday rentals available, but will serve to inspire you and help you to decide what kind of holiday accommodation you might like to try. Under each villa photo is a link to the detailed property page of that vacation rental. Occasional very special offers will be made on our Thai villa blog .

    Send us reviews of your Thailand villa holiday

    You owe us no commissions for any booking you make with our owners: the price you agree with them is the price you pay. All we ask of you, the visitor, is that you give us feedback on your holiday – on the villa rental or holiday house you stayed in, on the experience you had, and any other comments you may have for us to improve our service. Of course, there is no obligation, but we would love your reviews!

    You will find some past guest reviews as well as Tripadvisor rankings of some of our properties on our sample Thailand villa reviews page.

    Is a Thailand vacation rental or holiday let the right choice for me?

    Holiday rentals make your vacation in Thailand not only more comfortable but also, in most cases, less expensive than the standard accommodation ubiquitously encountered in a resort or hotel break. Naturally, private properties tend to offer you greater space, better facilities (such as a private swimming pool or exquisite Thai food) and a real sense of place. Go local, without going loco!

    Why narrow down your experience to observing from the outside, when you can step inside? Go on, negotiate that fresh market yourself! Make an exception, and introduce yourself to your neighbours: they’ll be keener to chat with you and share local secrets than ever those back home will be! Rediscover spontaneous hospitality and revel in the freedom of not being wished a rote-recited “Have a nice day!”

    Whether you are travelling as a couple, a family, or a group of friends, you will find that these villas in Thailand and holiday rentals offered directly by their owners are available for rent at highly competitive prices, even for a luxury villa with private swimming pool. Some houses offer straightforward self-catering accommodation by the week, whilst others are fully serviced catered holiday houses. And the minimum stay of a week or more is generally a thing of the past: most of these rental homes may be booked for stays as short as two nights, even luxury vacation rentals.

    Easily book a resort or hotel room in Thailand

    Perhaps on arrival in Bangkok, or afer your villa stay, you plan to spend a couple of nights in a hotel. We help you find your wany to book the hotel you want, in the location you need, at the most attractive rate. Simply skip to our Thailand hotels booking page.

    Holiday Villas For rent in Bali in Jimbaran and Ubud

    We are pleased to detail additional Bali pool villas for rent in Indonesia. These Bali villas are located near the sweeping white sands of Jimbaran beach, and in the picturesque rice farming artistic centre of Ubud. They offer superior design and facilities and exceptional value.