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The Bottom Line

The vehicle supplied by Queensland Gold Coast car rental company Holiday Car Rentals was serviceable, although not exactly as described in the online specifications. Additional charges for renting the car supplied by Gold Coast car rental company Holiday Car Rentals were contentious.


  • The Holiday Car Rentals car which is the subject of this review was adequate for its purpose and relatively economical to use.


  • The online description of the Holiday Car Rentals vehicle said it had power windows. It did not.
  • The online Gold Coast car rental terms concerning Holiday Car Rentals said credit cards were welcome. It didn’t say there would be extra charges for using a credit card. Nor did the booking confirmation.
  • The Gold Coast car rental company, Holiday Car Rentals, had no representative at the Gold Coast Airport when the car was returned, so they could not confirm in our presence that the petrol (gasoline) tank was full, as indeed it was. We had completely filled up the petrol tank right at the gate of the Gold Coast Airport before leaving the vehicle.
  • Despite the petrol tank having been filled up completely, the rental company later claimed that the petrol tank was not full and an extra charge for petrol was made without advising us of the charge. We only learned of the extra charges on receiving our credit card bill and were completely mystified as to what they were for.
  • Not only did the Gold Coast car rental company, Holiday Car Rentals, charge for the extra petrol which they said was needed to fill up the petrol tank but there was an additional charge on top of this charge.


While the car – a Toyota Corolla sedan – was not exactly as advertised, we did not think the absence of power windows was critical, although we believe products should be as described.

While the original online terms (on the basis of which the vehicle was booked) made no mention of an extra charge for the use of credit cards, the rental agreement provided by the car rental company at the airport did have the extra charge in the fine print, which we overlooked on the assumption that the agreement would indicate terms identical to those on the website, once prior to booking, and second, with the booking confirmation. Use of a credit card is charged by the Gold Coast car rental company, Holiday Car Rentals, an extra 3.5 per cent. This is certainly off-putting for visitors, and particularly so for those coming from countries where a similar levy is not charged.

We have disputed the extra fuel charge by email. The Gold Coast car rental company, Holiday Car Rentals, insisted the charge was correct even though there were four of us in the car at the time we filled up the petrol tank who could definitely vouch we did so. We also have a receipt for the petrol used to fill up the fuel tank from the petrol service station at the entrance to the Gold Coast Airport immediately before we dropped off the rented vehicle.

And yes, there’s an extra charge levied by the Gold Coast car rental company, Holiday Car Rentals, in addition to the cost of petrol.

You learn of all these extra charges only when you receive your credit card statement and when you then query the charges.


It is fairly customary to trust travel service providers, such as hotels, tour operators and car rental companies, that they will do right by you.

In fact, in nearly 10 years of being an Internet travel writer, and more years than that as a newspaper and magazine journalist and editor, I have had no reason to complain of what I perceived were unwarranted charges by travel service providers. But I guess there’s always a first time.

I have asked Holiday Car Rentals for rectification of their charges, and for an apology. I’m not holding my breath.

What to do

When renting a car, check the fine print in the rental agreement.

Use a car rental company which can verify in your presence whether the fuel tank has been filled up or not, where extra charges may apply.

It might be wise to use proven car rental companies with a reputation for ensuring customer satisfaction rather than relatively unknown ones.

This review follows the use of a rented car from Holiday Car Rentals on Queensland’s Gold Coast in June-July 2006 and only refers to this specific instance. It should not be construed from this specific case that the practices complained of are widespread in the Australian car rental industry. It must also be borne in mind that the Gold Coast Holiday Car Rentals policies and practices may have changed.

While the Gold Coast car rental company, Holiday Car Rentals, has not rectified the extra charges specified in this review, the Internet booking agency through which the car rental was organised fully and volutarily refunded the extra charges when apprised of the situation, despite the fact the extra charges were not made by them.

Gold Coast Theme Parks

Daytrips from the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Accommodation

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Film Projector Rental in Phoenix

Don’t Rent, Transfer Instead

We highly recommend having your film transferred to DVD rather than renting a projector. There are several reasons for this:

  • You can have several hundred feet of film transferred to DVD for the price of a single day of projector rental.
  • Film transferred to DVD is generally better quality than the original and yields a better viewing experience.
  • Even the best maintained projectors can fail.
  • All projectors can damage film. Older film can be more brittle than what the projector was meant to run.
  • Projectors have very hot bulbs that can burn your old film.
  • Your film is not guaranteed against damage when you rent a projector.
  • Some people have more than one gauge of film. This means you will have to rent more than one projector to watch your film reels.

Determining Film Type

If you decide to rent a projector you will need to determine which gauge of film you have and whether or not it has sound. Please watch the video below to help determine the your film type(s), and subsequent projector needs.

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Travel Trailers

Popup Campers

Accessible and Affordable RV Rentals

With our convenient location. Greenwood RV makes it easier than ever before to access a camper for your next getaway. Since 2005, we have provided high-quality rentals to both in-state and out-of-state customers. Whether you are attending a local sporting event such as the Indianapolis 500, traveling further south to the Kentucky Derby, or embarking on a cross-country tour, we are confident you’ll find the perfect accommodation in our fleet of RVs. Striving to make each camper s experience as pleasant and exciting as possible, we serve all of Indiana including Indianapolis. Fishers. Carmel. Jeffersonville / Louisville. and surrounding areas.

Large Variety of RV Rental Choices

Our impressive inventory includes a wide-variety of RV types from luxurious and spacious motorhomes to affordable and convenient towable pop-up camper rentals. For those needing full amenities and plenty of space, our motorhome rentals offer all of the comforts of home during your time on the road. You’ll never have to worry about the hassle of finding a hotel and lugging heavy baggage in and out along the way. Complete with your own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space, a motorhome provides flexibility to travel about at will, seeing the sights and staying as long as you like.

Ready to Rent an RV? Reserve Now: (317) 413-0817

Prefer to tow an RV? Check out our travel trailer rentals. With the ability to unhitch upon arrival, you will have full use of your vehicle to tour the sights. These units include comparable amenities to motorhomes at a lower cost. In addition, if you prefer a smaller, even more affordable option, then check out our pop up camper rentals. These simple units are a step up from a tent, providing security and comfort — and nature right at your doorstep.

Renting with Greenwood RV

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Optional Extras: Make Your Escape Even Easier

When it comes to renting a car for your next trip, the list of items that you’ll have to lug along is getting shorter and shorter. Thanks to an array of optional extras from Thrifty, it’s easier than ever to hit the road – whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure – or have special needs.

  • Child Seats (Toddler or Infant). It’s difficult enough to get through the airport with your luggage. Imagine having to cart around a toddler or infant car seat as well. Thrifty allows you to reserve a car seat for your child for around $12 per day*.
  • Navigation Systems. Getting around a new town is no easy task. But why purchase an expensive GPS system that you’ll only use a few of times? Thrifty offers navigation systems for about $11.99 per day*.
  • Ski Racks. Hitting the slopes? For around $8.95 per day*, you can rent a ski rack and free up space for passengers, luggage and other items.
  • DVD Players. Keep the kids entertained on long trips with their favorite movies. Many of Thrifty’s vehicles come with DVD players.
  • Hand Controls. Physically challenged renters can choose left- or right-hand controls.

When reserving your car online or on the phone, be sure to select the options that suit you best. If available, equipment will be confirmed at the car rental counter. Hand controls will automatically be confirmed with 48 hours advanced notice.

*Prices Vary By Location

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Get the best deal at Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport, also known as Coolangatta, is always packed with holidaymakers who flock to the Coast year-round. Skip the hassle of car rental at the terminal and get on the road as quickly as you can, having pre-booked right here on our site. We bring you great prices and a convenient online search and booking engine, which presents all the options from a range of rental brands and companies, both international and local. From Avis to Andy s Auto Rental, we have it all.

Why Pick Us?

  • We make the car hire process easy. Just input your locations, dates and details into the simple search engine and you will find a list of rental options. These can be narrowed down further by the filters to the left of the page – pick-up method, class, rental fleet, transmission type and number of people. You can also see many of the car features and rental conditions right there on the results page.
  • We have a global network of rental suppliers and are continuously working to expand this. From the big names to local businesses, you can be assured you are seeing most, if not all, of the rental cars available at Gold Coast Airport.
  • Our lowest price promise means we are always striving to bring you the best deals online.

Cruise the Coast with a Car Rental

Renting a car from Gold Coast Airport opens up a plethora of possibilities. Many choose to stay in the Gold Coast area, and there is certainly plenty there to entertain even the most active visitor. From theme parks to surf beaches, shopping to nightlife, there is something for everyone in this holiday playground where urbanity meets the ocean.

Not far north of the Coast is Brisbane, a growing and creative city, and beyond that lies Northern Queensland where the weather is tropical and the sand is white. To the south is New South Wales and a string of friendly beach towns leading towards Newcastle and Sydney, Australia s biggest metropolis.

For a true blue Aussie adventure, head inland to experience Queensland s mighty Outback. Wide open spaces, glowing red landscapes, vast cattle stations and tiny towns are not everyone s cup of tea, but many love driving through Australia s desolate yet beautiful interior.

Key holiday dates to consider when booking your rental car:

January 26, Australia Day

September 20 to October 6, Term 3 School Holidays in Brisbane

December 12 to January 26, Term 4 School Holidays in Brisbane

Holidays like Christmas, New Year s Eve and Australia Day are a great time to be on vacation in the Gold Coast, what with a festive atmosphere and it being the middle of summer. However, rental cars from Gold Coast Airport sell out quick during these busy times, so get in fast to book the right vehicle. Summer is of course a peak time on the Gold Coast, but the temperatures are relatively high year-round. If you are planning to visit over Easter, school holidays or Australian public holidays, even in the winter months, plan ahead and book early.

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The Gold Coast has long been Value Holiday Headquarters for domestic Australian tourism and for International holiday visitors to Australia. With a wealth of theme parks, fabulous year round climate, great beaches and waterways and the green behind the gold of the spectacular Hinterland, it offers a wide variety of activity choice to all visitors.

With such an array of options, the question often becomes how do we get to see the best of the area? The best theme parks; the best beaches; the best shopping; the best dining; the best lookouts and waterfalls; the best fishing spots all require transport. The best form of holiday transport is a rental car.

With a nickname of Buyer s Paradise , accommodation, entertainment and transport bargains abound within the Gold Coast area there are over 50 car rental operators which service the Gold Coast area.

Gold Coast Family Car Rentals is the Rental Car Value and Service Headquarters for visitors to the Gold Coast and for those who live here and need an additional or replacement vehicle from time to time.

Established in 2001, we have grown from very humble beginnings to a proud operator of a wide-ranging fleet of well-maintained and presented vehicles assisted in our growth by the continued loyalty of many customers who use us year-in, year-out or even several times a year.

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast at beautiful Burleigh, we service the entire Gold Coast area with free customer collection and return to Gold Coast Airport, your local accommodation or the Gold Coast railway terminal.

Using our out of hour s facilities at the airport, we are able to provide for pre-booked collections or returns 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Our service during business hours (open 362 days a year) is more personal and intimate and is one of the factors that encourage people to return to us.

Whether you are 19 or 90 or somewhere in between – whether you want a current model, recent model or older rental car small, medium, family, people mover, station wagon, SUV or convertible we have a range to suit all needs at prices to suit any budget.

Children are very welcome, but are not compulsory.

Explore our website to discover the true meaning of Family Service; Family Integrity and Family Value. Check out our Value Guarantee; Our Clean Reliable Guarantee and our Peace of Mind Guarantee!

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Goldcar Car Rental Rip-Off

On a recent visit to Spain I did the usual search for the cheapest car rental from Malaga Airport. The car broker using the Cartrawler search technology came up with a great offer of a Volkswagen Golf or equivalent for €89 so I checked the terms and conditions of the search website which all seemed fine and completed the booking. I was clearly told that I could expect the following:

  • The Best Price On Every Rental.
  • Fully Inclusive Rates (Including Vat)
  • No Hidden Extras
  • Complimentary Breakdown Assistance
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • Staff Are Friendly
  • You Won’t Get Saddled With Hidden Costs
  • No Extra Charge For Paying By Credit Card

Now let me tell you the reality of my booking experience when we turned up at the desk of Goldcar at Malaga Airport to collect the car. The reception from Victoria Eugenia at the desk was frosty to say the least and she proceeded to run us through the rip-offs that we were about to be forced on us. Having arrived on the red-eye flight from Liverpool we were in no mood to argue with her as we just wanted to get our car and begin our holiday.

Rip-Off 1: Extra Insurance

We were first of all informed that we only had basic insurance cover were handed a leaflet showing our minimum liability should any of the following events occur:

  • Puncture (€50)
  • New Tyre (€150)
  • Broken Window (€ 55-490)
  • Broken Windscreen (€225-850)
  • Towing Service (€80-600)
  • Wheel Rim (€55-320)
  • Damage to Undercarriage (€600)
  • Taxi Transfer After Accident (€15-25)
  • Outside Mirrors (€190-430)
  • Burned Clutch (€290-520)
  • Engine Damage (€4,350-11,150)
  • Battery Recharge (€50)
  • Oil Sump Damage (€80-290)
  • Catalytic Convertor (€505-1,750)
  • Radiator (€155-300)
  • Substitution car (€100)
  • Loss of Keys (€150)
  • Repair Period (€30 a day)

At the time I scanned the list and commented that I would not be responsible if the clutch burns out as I d only be driving about 80km to our destination. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would indeed be responsible which really left me with no alternative other than to agree to the additional insurance at €5.00 per day (€35.00 for the week).

Rip-Off 2: Extra Driver

Due to the general strike in France our original Ryanair flight had been cancelled so we had to travel two days later and as such had to change our car rental dates. Our original booking had included an additional driver at no extra charge (with a different company). When we requested the additional driver with Goldcar we charged an extra €17.50 for the week.

Rip-Off 3: Fuel Charges

We were informed that the car was full of petrol and that we were to bring it back empty. Now I know that this scam has been running for a number of years though I thought that many companies had now dropped it but not Goldcar. I would never have been able to use the full tank as I wasn t on a driving holiday but simply using the car as transport for a return journey to our accommodation. To add insult to injury we were charged €82.00 to fill a Ford Focus Trend 1.6. With average petrol price of €1.18 per litre this car s petrol tank capacity would have to have been approximately 70 litres. Having since researched this matter I ve found that the actual capacity is 55 litres which means that we were ripped off on fuel alone by €17.70 (= 15 litres x €1.18 per litre). And that is quoting the airport petrol station´s retail price not the preferential rate available to car rental companies.

Rip-Off 4: Accounting

Finally I had to sign the rental agreement and handed over my UK credit card. I was told that the final price was £204.33. Notice that the final price is stated in Sterling rather than Euros. This final figure was arrived at by adding on €34.09 in VAT (which was supposed to be already included) arriving at a Euro total of €223.50. Remember the rental started at €89.00. This figure was then converted to Sterling at a rate of 0.914 which I assumed was Mastercard s rate for the day. However, I ve since been told by other clients that this rate is adjusted in their favour. Finally, an Exchange Rate Mark-Up of 2% was added to my bill and I was forced to sign an agreement stating:

I accept the conversion rate final amount that the final selected transaction currency is GBP. I understand that Mastercard has a currency conversion process and that I have chosen not to use the Mastercard currency conversion process and I will have no recourse against Mastercard with respect to any matter related to the currency conversion or disclosure thereof .

This is a story of daylight robbery and cannot be allowed to continue. On my return home I researched Goldcar on Google and found countless tales of people telling pretty much the same story. Some of these people refer to extra charges added to their credit card bills once they arrived home for completely made up claims by Goldcar so I will be watching my credit card statement closely over the coming weeks.

That just about completes my horror story of rip-off car rental by Goldcar except for one final point. By law in Spain it is compulsory to carry a set of triangles and a reflective jacket should you breakdown on the road. These were not supplied by Goldcar and we would have been responsible had the police stopped us during our stay.

Follow Up

I have since written to Goldcar and had no reply. No surprise there! Cartrawler (who provide the search technology) apologised for the incident and hope that it will not affect my decision to use CarTrawler in future . Although I have no complaint against Cartrawler I had to point out that I will not be using their technology again when searching for car rental because operators such as Goldcar can falsely provide low quotes that get their rates to the top of the search results then they proceed to rip-off unsuspecting holidaymakers on arrival. This makes a mockery of price comparison websites in this market.

The only solution is for major operators in the car rental search market such as Cartrawler to drop unscrupulous operators such as Goldcar from their network.

Recommended Car Rental Supplier?

In maintaining my proactive response to this rip-off I ve been researching a large number of online car rental companies and for the moment have decided that my main recommendation is a UK company called Economy Car Hire which offers the following:

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance.
  • No Insurance Excess.
  • Unlimited Mileage.
  • Free Additional Driver.
  • All Airport Taxes Surcharges are Included.
  • Top Up Insurance at only £1.50 per day (covers tyres, windscreens, underside of vehicle, ie. parts not covered by Collision Damage Waiver).
  • They Charge in Pounds when Booking VAT is Included.
  • Fuel Policy Varies According to Supplier are Constantly Monitored.
  • Excellent Customer Support Team.

Try a search for your next rental car using the following search engine:

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The Grandview condos offer a spacious alternative to hotels without sacrificing the luxury and relaxation that you expect from a tropical getaway. Begin your Cayman island vacation with a restful night’s sleep, then wake up to a private ocean view and enough room to spread out and take your time making your plans for the day.

Situated at the Southern end of Seven Mile Beach, the Grandview’s location is spectacular for tourists who want to be close to George Town, close to beaches, close to supermarkets, close to restaurants – yet far enough to feel the seclusion and privacy of a Grand Cayman Vacation. The Grandview is perfectly located near the southern end of Seven Mile Beach and offers vacation packages and sixteen world-class accommodations. A world apart, yet only minutes away from all the modern conveniences of Georgetown.

The Grandview provides the ideal setting for families, couples and friends who want the comfort, space and privacy of a large unit on the beach with all the convenience and amenities of a resort. Whether the purpose of your visit is a family vacation, a honeymoon or a business trip, discover why the Grandview is a favorite destination for return visitors who want to have the best vacation in the Cayman Islands.

Our sixteen vacation condo rentals deliver the romance of Caribbean sunsets, white-sand beaches and incredible ocean vistas right to your door step. After spending the day exploring, snorkeling, diving, engaging in any of our local water sports activities, dining at award winning restaurants or shopping in the charming Seven Mile Beach boutiques, retire to your beachfront condo and relax in your own private oasis, while enjoying all the amenities Grandview Condos has to offer.

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About Us

Economy Rental Cars was established by Ian Annmarie Webster in 1992 and cater for the family holiday market. The business is operated at the Gold Coast Airport where they built there own facility in 2000.

Being the only independently owned car rental company at the airport allows Economy to offer their clients a level of service unmatched. The hire rates are fully inclusive and remain the same all year.

There are no sneaky add on charges which is now very common with a lot of companies.

Vehicle range starts with the award winning Hyundai Getz through to the ever popular Toyota Tarago people movers. Not only is renting an Economy car easy, it also allows you the flexibility to travel at your own pace and see all those special out of the way places.

All Economy vehicles are air-conditioned and come with free 24 hour roadside Assistance.

At Economy we are dedicated to helping you get the most from your holiday budget. We can save you up to 50% of the money you may spend with others. Our many free extra’s makes Economy a value for money option to public transport……. But we offer so much more.

When you are on holidays it’s time to relax simply phone us when you arrive at the airport. We will collect you and your luggage quickly.

Our service is what sets us apart from the moment you book an Economy Rental Car till we deliver you back to the departure gate at the airport.

Our aim is to help you have the best holiday possible.

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Rental Cars

A guide to hire cars and renting your own car while visiting the Gold Coast QLD.

If you re looking to discover this beautiful region in your own way and at your own pace, renting a car is great way to have the freedom to plot your own journeys. With your own car you can choose when and where you d like to go, plus it gives you the freedom to explore some of the area that s outside the tourist circuit so to speak.

Car hire on the Gold Coast is available from various locations including Surfers Paradise and at the airport, although generally it is best to book in advance to secure the vehicle to suit your requirements and get the best rates. To compare and find the best deals on Gold Coast car rental check the links towards the bottom of the page.

Car rental at Gold Coast Airport (Coolangatta) is serviced by most of the leading companies including Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty and Europcar. Most of these companies will also have offices in Surfers Paradise and also at Brisbane Airport.

Vehicle options range from small hatch (i.e. Toyota Corolla), small sedan (i.e. Holden Astra), Large sedans (i.e. Holden Commodore), station wagons, people movers (i.e. Toyota Tarago) and 4WD s (i.e. Nissan Patrol/Toyota Landcruiser). Some vehicles may have a satellite navigation option and most will come with region maps.

As for driving, road rules in Queensland are similar to other Australian states, although, there are some differences and a booklet on QLD road rules can be downloaded from the state governments transport department here. International visitors can also find information on driving in Queensland with a foreign or an international licence at that same site.

Current Gold Coast Car Hire deals and promos: