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Campus Book Rentals

Once in awhile great money saving ideas come your way, well here is one of them:

Campus Books Rentals has officially partnered with Operation Smile to fund a minimum of 1,000 surgeries in 2011. For every book rented, Campus Books Rentals will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Operation Smile, and for every 1,000 Facebook likes, they will fund an additional surgery -Just in time for the Winter Semester – Campus Book Rentals – Why Buy When You Can Rent?

In 2007, five visionary businessmen came together to build a revolutionary concept, one that would benefit college students across the nation. Campus Book Rentals has grown from an obscure idea to one of the world’s largest textbook rental companies in just over two short years. The service is similar to Netflix, the online movie-renting service where the DVDs are shipped to houses and then shipped back. The service is easy for students, and it’s meant to save them money.

With the launch of its Bookstore Solutions division in the summer of 2009 became the first online rental player to enter the walls of college bookstores using custom branded touc h screen kiosks and a technology platform for in-store textbook rental management.

Alan Martin, CEO of Campus Book Rentals, built this company from the ground up with the help of his fellow businessmen, Todd McCormick, Shane Willard, Ken Martin, and Rocky Moline – all of which graduated from Utah’s Weber State University. The idea came to him while he was a graduate student and was about to shell out hundreds of dollars for a yet another textbook.

“There’s a lot of commotion right now in the textbook rental space, but two things Campus Book Rentals has on its side are significant textbook rental experience and a program where the bookstore itself is the primary beneficiary. Our platform is not only financially the most advantageous for bookstores, but is based on three years of rental management experience, which is invaluable considering the complexity of implementing a rental program alone. We held our silence as we tested this through 2009 and early 2010, but we’re breaking that silence with the number one, most bookstore friendly in-store rental solution”, said Alan Martin, Founder and CEO. “We do far more than simply help bookstores maintain their margin or pay them a small commission. On the contrary, we help bookstores maximize the value of their own inventory by renting and re-renting their own titles, drastically improving their bottom line. All the while we guarantee 100% of the risk, leaving only upside for the bookstore. Students love the convenience of the bookstore but the high price of textbooks has forced them to shop elsewhere. Our platform and touch screen kiosks offer a real solution to a real problem and bring market share and profitability back to the bookstore. ”

“We all went to college,” says Martin. “We know what it’s like to have to work crazy hours for a month just to turn around and spend that hard-earned money on books you’re only going to use once.”

With all of the expenses a college student has to worry about, textbooks shouldn’t be one of them. Campus Book Rentals helps students in the battle for their degrees. Over the past decade, textbook prices have risen at twice the rate of inflation, according to a 2007 study by the National Association of College Stores. Though legislation in Congress and several states aims to bring down these costs, little has been accomplished. In the meantime, savvy students continue to shop for books online at sites like ebay and Amazon to try and save some cash, and then go back online to sell them to another savvy student. On average, college students shelled out $900 a semester for textbooks, according to a 2005 federal report. In some cases, a single science book can cost $200. The price of textbooks nearly tripled between 1986 and 2004, rising an average of 6 percent a year. (During this same period, inflation rose a mere 3 percent a year.)

Campus Book Rentals now serves over 5,000 college campuses by renting textbooks at less than half the price college bookstores are selling them for.

For more information, please visit or call 801.622.3610

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Textbook Rentals Are Here!

The Campus Bookstore is pleased to announce a new way for students to save on textbooks: Textbook Rentals!

How it works:

  1. Look up which textbooks you need using our Textbook Search Engine. Textbooks that can be rented will be listed on the search results.
  2. Select the textbooks you’d like to rent by adding them to the “Rental Cart”.
  3. Click on the Rental Cart (top-right of the website) to order your rental books
  4. Your order is shipped from our trusted partner directly to your door.
  5. When your rental period expires, bring your books to the Campus Bookstore (Clark Hall, Queen’s Main Campus) to return them!

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Things you should know:

Textbook rentals are great because they allow you to save money, but they’re not for everyone. Keep in mind the following information before choosing to rent textbooks:

  • Most rental textbooks are in gently used condition and may show signs of wear such as scratches, folded pages, bent spines, dog-eared pages, writing and highlighting on pages and covers, and other signs of wear.
  • Rental books are ordered online and shipped directly from our partner to your home, you cannot pick up your rental books at our store.
  • When your rental period ends, you will return the rental books to the Campus Bookstore at Queen’s University.
  • Rental books do NOT include CD-ROMs, website access codes, or other supplementary materials.

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Can I Get Coupons for Enterprise Rental Cars?

Enterprise Email Extras

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers an email program that sends coupons and discount to your inbox. Simply enter your email address and a few details about your car rental habits and Enterprise will send you special offers. The company ensures that your email address will not be shared with third parties unless you want them to.

Online Coupon Sites

There are many websites that offer coupon codes for you to use. One example is, where users submit coupon codes and other users rate and comment based on how successful the code is. Another website is Follow the “Enterprise Rental Car Coupons” link.

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are a great source for local discounts. They include national coupons, including coupons for Enterprise. These can range from 10 percent off rates to a free gas card when you purchase a used car from the company. Discounts will vary depending on the region and the year of the book. Visit to view your local discount and prices.


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Go over the six choices provided: Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Budget, National and Enterprise car rentals. How Do I Find a Coupon.

Can I Get Coupons for Enterprise Rental Cars? Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers an email program that sends coupons and discount to your inbox.

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If you are planning an upcoming family vacation or work trip, you might find that it is a good decision to rent.

Perform an online search for car rental discounts and coupons. Compare rates of different car rental companies.

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Rental Due Dates

The Concordia Bookstore has been a Canadian leader in saving students money – Did you know that we’re one of the largest buyers of used textbooks in Canada? Now we’re introducing a new program that can offer even more savings to Concordia students: Textbook Rentals!

Renting is only available for some titles. We’ll charge 40% (approx.) of the new book retail price to rent it for the full semester. In comparison our used books are priced at 75% of the new book price.

Starting in the summer term of 2010, the Bookstore has been experimenting with textbook rentals. We are now expanding the program to include even more titles.

The Textbook Rental Program allows Concordia students (with Student ID Number and valid picture ID) the opportunity to rent selected textbooks for a semester. You will be required to present your Concordia photo ID at the time of rental.

You must return rented textbooks on or before the Rental Due Date. as shown on your receipt.

Important note. If a rented book is not returned by the due date, the value of the full retail price of the new book will be charged to you through the Student Accounts Office.

(ie. $100 retail price rented at $40/term – If not returned in time, $100 will be charged to your account)

The due date is a hard deadline – the account will be passed on to collections immediately after the return deadline.

All rentals are subject to the regular store return policies.

Rentals do not include online supplements such as access codes to publisher websites. If needed, access codes can be purchased separately.

To see if any of your textbooks are available for rent, run your Student Booklist . if any of your books are rentable – and there is rentable stock available – the rental price will appear on your list. We only set aside a few copies of each book for renting – so quantities are limited.

Rentals are supposed to be for multiple students over time. As a courtesy to the next student who rents it, please limit highlighting and writing in the books. Keep them in good condition for the next student!

Renting is not the only option we have to save you money. You can also buy used textbooks from us, and you can also sell your used textbooks through the Bookstore when your done with them.

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“Here rest the remains of Elizabeth Poole, a native of Old England, of good family, friends, and prospects, all which she left in the prime of her life, to enjoy the religion of her conscience, in this distant wilderness; a great proprietor of the township of Taunton. ” – (Headstone of Elizabeth Poole)

When Elizabeth Poole left England in the early 1600s, she must have known she was a pioneer. However, she might not have known she would go down in history as the first woman to settle a town in the New World, making a name for women before feminism! Maybe she would have been a little less eager if she had known that mobster and career criminal Gordon OBrien would hail from Taunton as his hometown, and she might not have approved of the city providing the setting for the film Shutter Island, but certainly she would have been pleased by Tauntons more reputable characters poet Laureate Joseph Gouveia, Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, and American Idol contestant Nicholas Pedro.

Moving to Taunton

Moving to Taunton

There are nearly 56,000 people tucked into Tauntons 47-ish square miles of land, and there are almost 2 square miles of water for boating and other aquatic activities. With its close proximity to the major cities of Boston, Providence, Fall River, and New Bedford, many Taunton residents choose this location for an easy commute without the high cost of living found in the suburbs. However, you dont have to leave town to get work if you live in Taunton–a dream come true for many to avoid commuting. The city has a rich history as a major industrial hub, home of the first iron production facility that actually succeeded in Colonial times, then the hottest location for silver, textiles, and transportation in later years.

Taunton Neighborhoods

Taunton Neighborhoods

City Center: Rental properties in downtown Taunton are easy to find, which is fantastic because the price is right and nearly everything you need is within walking distance of your front door. You can choose from a wide range anything from studio apartments to three bedroom apartments in complexes and small apartment buildings. The best part about Tauntons City Center is that the architecture is really interesting. Much of it was built in the early 20thcentury. $$$$

East Taunton: The neighborhood known as East Taunton has a very tight vacancy rate, which is primarily because once people move in, they dont leave. Fortunately, apartments run the gamut from studio to three bedrooms or more, so if you arent picky, you will have a better chance of finding something. $$$$$

Longmeadow Road/Dean Street: Diversity characterizes the Longmeadow/Dean Street neighborhood. There are apartments and single-family homes, homeowners and renters, historic buildings and newer construction. The price you will pay for your home wont leave you broke, and if you are like most of your neighbors, you will have an easy commute to work. Really, it is the best of all possible worlds. $

Oak Avenue/Kilmer Avenue: The East Coast is notoriously expensive when it comes to cost of living, but there are still a few areas where you can find budget-friendly prices with the convenience of easy access to the schools and jobs that New England is known for. The neighborhood around Oak Avenue and Kilmer Avenue is one of those spots – you can enjoy an urban lifestyle without paying East Coast prices, and there are plenty of apartments from which to choose. $

Oakland: The Taunton neighborhood of Oakland is an interesting mix. Though it is primarily made up of large single-family homes, there are quite a few mobile homes as well. That means that while it can be tough to find small rental properties other than trailers, large rental homes are occasionally available. Folks in Oakland are predominately a sophisticated bunch, so if you like theater, fine arts, and superior cuisine, you are sure to find lots of company if you choose Oakland. $$$$

Somerset Avenue/Briggs Street: The nice thing about the neighborhood around Somerset Avenue and Briggs Street is that prices are reasonable for a suburban area. Many of the homes are owner-occupied, so there is a sense of community, and residents often carpool to get to work. There are plenty of choices when it comes to rental properties, from studio apartments to two or three bedrooms, depending on what you need. $$

Somerset Avenue/Weir Street: The neighborhood around Somerset Avenue and Weir Street is pleasant for its combination of apartments and single-family homes. While it is an urban area, it doesnt feel as city-like as some other parts of Taunton. You get the best of both worlds convenient access to city amenities, but also a sense of community. $$$

Weir Village: Newer homes characterize the neighborhood of Weir Village, where rents are reasonable and there are plenty of apartments and single-family homes available. Folks in this area often work in the neighborhood, and there is public transportation conveniently located to get them where they are going without paying sky-high gas prices. $$$

Westville: Despite being somewhat pricier than other areas of Taunton, the Westville neighborhood is tough to get into. It is mostly owner-occupied, and very few of the single-family homes are rental properties. There are several apartment complexes that offer a variety of sizes, and they are the best place to start your apartment search if you want to be in Westville. $$$$$

Whittenton: For working in Boston without paying Boston housing prices, nothing beats Whittenton. Here, you get a suburban lifestyle, friendly neighbors, and lovely homes, all the while staying within your budget. The downside is that Whittenton is not a well-kept secret. Lots of people got there before you and they arent planning to go anywhere – so if you want to find a home in this neighborhood, you will have to start your apartment search early and have a lot of patience. $$

Living the Good Life in Taunton

Living the Good Life in Taunton

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Maui Blog

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    Campervan Rentals in Las Vegas, Austin, Bozeman Yellowstone

    The Green Alternative To RV Rentals

    Tour the American West in style from the comfort of our customized campervans. Forget gas-guzzling RV rentals! Go camping instead in a fuel efficient, easy-to-drive campervan.

    Get started from one of our three convenient locations: Bozeman MT. Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX .

    Why Rent A Campervan?

    • More fuel efficient than RV’s
    • Easier more comfortable to drive than any RV
    • Less expensive than an RV even many car rentals
    • Go places RV’s can’t go
    • Easier parking
    • Save on lodging rentals
    • Specially converted for camping with easier setup than an RV
    • Optional camping accessories available

    Campervan North America offers your choice of four different models of campervans for hire. Based on European design, our fleet is more agile to drive, leaves a smaller carbon footprint and less of a dent in your pocketbook than renting a traditional RV or motorhome. Chose from the Edelweiss. a new twist on car camping, the high-roofed Treasure Chaser or the Two4theRoad or Clanhauler campervans, with both kitchen and bathroom facilities.

    Save Big On One-way Specials!

    We have some great specials going on right now on one-way trips. Rent long term and you can create your own one-way itinerary using any of our locations — and the one-way fee is waived!

    The Car Rental Alternative

    If you’re looking for a car rental in Las Vegas, Austin or Bozeman. consider a campervan instead. Our Edelweiss campervan is less expensive than many car rentals and will save you a bundle on lodging.

    Las Vegas, Nevada : Campervan rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada and nearby McCarran International Airport. Las Vegas is a perfect starting point for that winter getaway with the Grand Canyon, Zion and numerous other attractions all within easy reach.

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    Motorhome Hire | Campervan Hire | Motorhome Rental | Campervan Rental | Motorhome Hire UK | Campervan hire UK | UK Motorhome and Campervan Hire| Campervan Rental |Motorhome. Motorhome Hire England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland| UK Motorhome Hire | Scotland Campervan Hire | Campervan Hire in UK | Campervan hire England | Campervan Hire Scotland |.


    We are the instigators and are still are one of the largest motorhome and campervan booking agencies for motorhome hire and campervan hire in the UK.

    We have a massive fleet of vehicles to choose from (both private and trade, as shown on every webpage), all different, and all unique.

    We have the higest standards of customer care (or we would not have survived as long as we have) and supply a massive variety of motorhomes and campervans for hire throughout the UK.

    We categorise every vehicle depending on age/value/condition and extras supplied and show this on a 4 point scale from A – D, with A generally being a motorhome under 3 years of age and in great condition, with others depending on value and extras supplied to make the A Grade. Generally our classifications are based on the age of the motorhome or campervan then value/conditions and extras supplied, and if you wish to see more, please visit our Classification Webpage.

    We are the only company who provide all of the important information required by hirers on our websites, and offer a fair rate to all Hirers and Owners of motorhomes and Campervans for Hire.

    Choose from our wide variety of motorhomes and campervans available for hire (both private and trade and shown as such at the top of each individual webpage) located throughout the UK.

    We are part of the Motorhome Hire Network of companies and adhere to strict principles of customer care and satisfaction.

    All of the information you require for an informed choice is both available online (on this website) or just a phone call away:

    * View pictures and descriptions of all motorhomes and campervans for hire * Check availability on every motorhome and campervan for hire – instantly

    *View everthing online (rates/availability/full descriptions)

    * All rates are shown in daily and weekly amounts for every motorhome and campervan available for hire

    * Four seperate price bands to choose from on all motorhomes and campervans

    * Airport deliveries and pick-ups available

    *Comprehensive motorhome hire insurance and UK breakdown cover is included in all rates shown

    *We are part of the Motorhome Hire Network of Companies and have set the highest standards of customer care and service

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    View All Campers

    Weekly Daily Rates listed may not apply to Holidays or Special Event Weekends like Bonnaroo or Nascar Races

    We can deliver to local campsites within 25 miles of our location here in Lebanon. We do not deliver to Talladega, Bristol or Bonnaroo.

    We rent Travel Trailers and Pop-Up Camper RVs for vacations through-out the South Eastern United States. Our Recreational Vehicles have even been taken on trips as far as the Grand Canyon, Canada, The Rockies, New England, California and the Pacific Northwest.

    Right here in Wilson County (only 10 miles from our location) is the beautiful Cedars of Lebanon State Park with 117 camping sites (water and electrical hook-ups) on over 900 acres of recreational land with an additional 8,100 acres preserved as State Forest.

    One of the most popular vacation trips our customers take are camping trips to Nascar Events at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee and Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama – we rent a lot of campers for these events and usually sell out for the August Bristol and October Talladega races.

    Concert Festivals with camping are another big event here in Tennessee – The Bonnaroo Concert in nearby Manchester takes place in June every year and RVs can sell out quick.  Jammin at Hippie Jack’s is becoming a popular camping destination with two events a year (Spring Fall).  See our links or subscribe to our newsletter for more information on regional Concert Events though-out the year.

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    Walt Disney World is the number one vacation destination in the world. and a great place for your family to stay while at Disney World, is Disney s Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort

    Fort Wilderness has 784 campsites with room enough for everything from tents to big rigs.

    Campground spaces can accommodate up to 10 people per site. making this a very affordable choice for larger families.

    We at Fort Camper Rental would like to help families enjoy the outdoors, by renting out our large pop- up s that sleep 7 to 8 adults. Our pop up s have all the basic amenities, like cooking stove, air conditioning, furnace/heater, refrigerator, running water and more.

    Four of our pop- ups have a slide- out dinette. Each pop- up has a large attached awning to protect you from the Florida sun and those occasional rainy days.

    Fort Camper Rental makes it easy for your family to have a wonderful vacation experience at Fort Wilderness. We set up the pop- up for you, and take it down when your vacation is over.

    We rent our campers to guests at Fort Wilderness, with a 3 night minimum of $69 per night for the pop up. (Does not include the cost of the site)

    We supply your basic needs like towels, bedding, pillows, plastic plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, basic cleaning needs, assorted pots and pans for cooking, as well as the propane needed. Please see the “What’s Included” tab at the top of this page for a complete list of everything available with your pop- up rental.

    We try to tailor your visit to you!

    #4 Camper has a built in toilet. The others can have a cassette toilet included upon request. The comfort stations at Fort Wilderness are very clean, comfortable and nearby any campsite.

    All of our units are pet free and smoke free.

    There are no other additional fees or charges, other than the 7% state/county tax. Delivery, set- up, take down and everything that goes with the pop- ups is included in the $69.00 per night charge.