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Online private car rental services driving to gain ground in Europe

IDG News Service

    Apr 30, 2014 10:15 AM

Online private car rental services are taking shape in Europe, competing with each other as well as the traditional rental companies. Within two or three years, most likely one of the new services will come out on top, according to some insiders.

Private car rental or sharing services let people rent their private cars to others. Car owners can make some money on a car that might otherwise remain parked in front of their homes, and users have a relatively cheap alternative to commercial car rental companies in their neighborhood.

One of services making headway with this kind of car rental is France-based OuiCar. which started in 2007. Earlier this week, OuiCar announced it acquired one of its competitors,, for an undisclosed sum, adding 3,000 cars to its existing fleet.

OuiCar has about 200,000 users and now offers 12,000 private cars for rent throughout France, making it the fifth largest car rental service in the country, according to the company. OuiCar offers more cars for rent than professional rental service Ada for instance, though other traditional services like Europecar and Avis still have a larger fleet, it said.

A typical small car can be rented for about €30 (US$42) a day, including an all-risk insurance policy. OuiCar takes 30 percent of what the customer pays and 70 percent goes to the car owner, said company spokeswoman Marie Tanguygood.

Competing with the conventional car renters is exactly what OuiCar wants to do, Tanguy said, adding that the company has ambitions to become the largest car rental company in France. Eventually, OuiCar wants to offer a car for rent in virtually every street, she said. The company would also like to expand to other European countries.

To achieve that, it first has to face the competition within France.

The French online car share service Drivy, for instance, also has about 200,000 users while offering about 15,000 cars for rent, according to its site. Another French competitor, BuzzCar. has about 8,000 owners renting cars through the service.

French companies are not the only ones in the business. Across the border, in Germany, the competition is building. German services include Tamyca —short for take my car—which boasts about 4,500 cars, as well as Autonetzer. which has about 35,000 users and over 5,000 cars for rent, according to its site.

“Overall there are about 15 peer-to-peer car sharing companies in Europe,” said Pascal Ontijd, co-founder of the Dutch online car rental service SnappCar. The company started about two and a half years ago and, like some rivals, wants to become the biggest car rental service in Europe, with a fleet of 250,000 private rental cars by 2018, he said.

SnappCar offers private car rentals in a way that’s similar to its competitors. Prices vary from about €15 a day to €250 a day. But in contrast to OuiCar’s business model, SnappCar does not take a percentage of the rental price, said Ontijd. SnappCar puts a flat €10 fee per day on top of what the car owners charge (the fee is included in the price cited online). A part of that is used for an all risk-insurance and part of it is commission.

SnappCar’s insurance was specially developed with insurer Centraal Beheer Achmea for the purpose of car sharing, Ontijd said. The most important part of that insurance is that it does not affect “no-claim” aspects of car-owner policies.

No-claim insurance provisions give discounts to car owners who do not report accidents for a certain period of time. The policy developed for SnappCar prevents accidents that happen when cars are rented from affecting no-claim provisions.

SnappCar has about 40,000 users, with 7,000 cars available for rent through the site. While most of the cars on the site are available for a fee, some people also use the service to safely loan their cars to friends.

Car owners can make their car available to friends for free on the site. They just pay the €10 per day SnappCar service fee to cover insurance so owners and lenders don’t need to worry if anything happens to the car, Ontijd said.

The company is already venturing across the border and launched in Germany last summer to test the waters, Ontijd said. A lack of time and resources meant the company’s focus wasn’t on other countries until now, but SnappCar plans to ramp things up by the end of the year, investing more effort in the German market while also launching in the U.K.

In order to do so, SnappCar needs about €3 million, of which it already has about €659,000 through crowd funding. SnappCar expects to raise the rest from investors by the end of the summer.

“We think there is room for about three P2P rental services in Europe,” according to Ontijd, who estimated that it will take two to three years to determine which company will come out on top.

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Online Video Game Rentals – Rent Video Games Online

Online DVD movie rentals are really popular and now there are also online video game rental services. Renting video games online is extremely easy, super convenient and a great way to try all the games you want to play cost effectively.

How Online Video Game Rentals Work

Online Video Game Rental Advantages

There are numerous advantages to online video game rentals. One is no late fees, and no rushing to finish a game and return it in time. You do not have to worry about waiting in any lines or sitting in traffic either. Plus online video game rental services often have a better selection of video games than your local dvd rental store.

Online Video Game Rental Services

There are different places to go for online video game rentals, and we present some of the best options available here.

GameFly Video Game Rentals

GameFly is one of the biggest online video game services, with over 4,000 titles to choose from. They offer unlimited video game rentals for as low as $14.95 a month ($9.95 for the first month.) This gives you 1 game out at a time, and higher subscription prices apply for plans that allow 2 or 3 games out at a time. At Game Fly you can rent video games for Playstation 2, XBox, XBox 360, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. They offer a free 10-day trial, so you can try this online video game rental service free of charge. With this GameFly Video Game Rental Free Trial there is no reason not to try them out today.

For more information, visit our GameFly Video Game Rentals Page. For all the details or to join the service, go directly to GameFly Video Game Rentals .

Gamerang Video Game Rentals

Gamerang is an online video game rental service with titles for Sony PS2, Sony PSOne, Sony PSP, Xbox 360, X Box, Nintendo GameCube, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS systems and portables. They have over 3,600 different titles to choose from for these systems. Unlimited game rental plans start at $14.95 per month for one game out at a time. Other plans allow more titles out at once. now has a free 10-day trial, so you can try this online video game rental service for free. Take advantage of this Gamerang Video Game Rental Free Trial today.

For more information, visit our Gamerang Video Game Rentals Page. For all the details or to join the service, go directly to Gamerang Video Game Rentals .

Cost of Online Video Game Rentals

Another advantage of online video game rentals is the low cost. You just pay a low, flat monthly fee no matter how many games you have in a month. (The only limit is how many games you can have out at a time, which varies with different plans and different online video game rental services.) Plus postage is free both ways! They pay the postage to send the video games to you and provide you with prepaid mailers you use to send them back.

Thank you for visiting for information on online video game rentals and dvd rental services, and please add our site to your favorites and tell your friends about us.

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Luton Box Vans come in 2 sizes

N.B. It has recently come to our attention a company trading under the same name as us but based in Malaga has been offering not only an extremely poor but potentially dangerous service, as you can see from some of their reviews on Trip Advisor. We would like to make it very clear that this company is not us, we are a UK based company that offers a service that is both more professional and more affordable by far!

Not just a man with a van

One Way Van Hire is the definitive man with van service.

Our service provides both commercial and personal moves with our man with van service across the UK and Europe including countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

We know your possessions are extremely valuable to you and as such our experienced drivers are there to help load and unload your van and protect them using blankets and straps that we supply. Our service is reliable, professional and we have been moving people for over 20 years.

Just look at some of our customer comments to see how good our Europe wide service is.

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Online Movie and DVD Rental

When it comes to online movie and DVD rental options, it’s no longer a matter of signing up for what comes your way because the online world is a multibillion dollar industry. As such, online movie rental companies are doing a lot to woo customers. This leaves renters in an advantageous position. Online movie and DVD rental companies really don’t have much to lose if the follow clever business plans. In regards to having an ever growing collection of movies, most times the investment is a onetime affair. After this, for every download, they earn a percentage, and the movie company royalty. As such, it’s more or less a win-win situation. The more downloads there are, the more profit for everyone. For customers, this proves to be a boon. The potential of an endless number of people watching a certain movie reduces their financial burden.

Online movie and DVD rental companies don’t overburden customers in the form of movie rental membership fees. The cost of renting online movies is almost negligible because you can opt for as many download buttons as you wish without having to pay more than the monthly fees. So, it’s up to you whether you want to watch a film a day, or three. You could add spark to your movie viewing experience by watching volumes of the same theme, watching all the parts of a banner one after the other, or in modern context, finish a trilogy in a day. For others, if your interest lies in watching documentaries, mocumentaries, romcoms, sitcoms, or even foreign language films, the choice is all out there.

The best part about online movie and DVD rental sites is that you needn’t do too much of film research elsewhere unless someone has recommended a film and you genuinely don’t want to miss it. The user friendly platform at leading online movie and DVD rental sites allows you to find what you need very easily. You can find list of movies from a production house, of a favorite director, or even genre. You can check reviews of chosen films and even opt to look at their suggestions based on your movie search query.

Today the quality offered at online movie and DVD rental sites is high, and at no point is a renter or site member held at ransom. The best part being availability is the order of the day, a download instant, and DVD rental deliveries prompt. All this at great rates leaves customers with very little to complain about because now HD, and Blue Ray discs are coming your way at nominal subscription costs. For DVD rental options, you need to send your DVD back in the prepaid envelope provided by your rental service. You may ask for more postal deliveries once you return the titles with you.

For further entertainment and online casino games you can play online pokies and read trusted online casino reviews.

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I have relied on TVC for equipment rental for many years and have always been impressed by their professionalism and support. The TVC staff is in tune with current technologies, ever changing market, and they seem to constantly be updating their equipment inventory. I look forward to many more years of quality support from The Video Company team .

– Allen Guidry, Production Manager, Northstar Studios

TVC has worked with me, providing gear and advice, for decades – Their ambition and understanding of the industry have always been foremost in any dealings since they first opened for business. Always accommodating and professional!

“Without question Adam and his team at The Video Company provide professional, top notch service. Courteous, knowledgeable and engaged to insure only the best results.”

I am very grateful to The Video Company for the great service and equipment they provide for my successful video shoots. They are very knowledgeable about every piece of equipment I rent and the price is just right. If you need equipment or advice on which equipment to rent for your video or photo shoot, TVC is the way to go!

TVC has always worked hard and gone out of their way to provide my company with exactly what we need when we need it. They strive to send out only the best equipment and are always working to keep on top of the latest technology trends to keep their clients on the cutting edge.

When it comes to video production equipment, whether it be renting the equipment itself or getting advice in regards to the best equipment to use, there is only one company I would trust with this decision and it is Adam Rector and The Video Company. Knowing him professionally and personally for the last 15 years, I can full-fledged knowingly give my full recommendation for Adam and his business, TVC.

I have rented equipment from many other providers in Nashville and beyond and regretted not going through TVC. They care for their equipment, I never have and issue that can’t resolve, and they stay up to date with the newest and greatest gear. I’ve been a long time customer and will continue to call TVC for all my company’s video equipment needs.

I’ve worked with TVC since 1999, across two companies. They have always been professional, flexible. really a great to work with. They always go out of their way to do what I need done – which gives me great confidence when I’m on a job.

I’ve worked with TVC since 1999, across two companies. They have always been professional, flexible. really a great to work with. They always go out of their way to do what I need done – which gives me great confidence when I’m on a job.

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Chauffeur Driven Service

One Way Self Drive Van Hire Spain and UK!

Way2Go Hire specialise in self-drive one way van hire to Spain and one way van hire to UK. With one way van hire you can transport your pets with confidence as they are with you all the way. With depots near London Gatwick, East Midlands airport, Malaga airport, Murcia airport and Javea it has never been easier to rent a van one way, just read our Testimonials . If you don’t mind driving that bit further France and Portugal are also within reach, but not one way.

Self-drive one way van hire has always been about convenience and saving money moving your own way at your own pace. With Way2Go you simply rent the van one way where the savings are greater than ever as there is no need to return the vehicle to the place of origin, no need to pay for labour costs when using a removal service, no need to pay for flights and airport transfers to your new home and in addition to this, Way2Go Hire can also offer you a discount when sailing with Brittany ferries between UK-Spain-UK. The sailing is only 24 hours and includes a cabin so no need to pay for hotels. That’s why one way van hire UK to Spain makes sense.

The average total cost including the vehicle hire, fuel, tolls and ferry is only £1400.00 Inc all taxes. Our 15m3 panel vans have a massive 1.5 ton payload and can often be filled to the roof. That’s why they are widely used around the globe by all removal and courier companies. The 22m3 Luton’s have a 1 ton payload and are ideal for lots of bulky furniture and are fitted with a tail lift for added convenience.

#one way van rental

Quick Deliveries

Our One Way Van Rentals are often used by our clients to make quick deliveries of their equipment or for the ferrying of workers. If they do not have any spare vehicles to make these sort of trips, last minute bookings for our vans are able to provide the additional assistance.

Cost Effective

For certain industries, they may be periods where there is a hike in demand and you may need additional transportation solutions. As such, hiring a long term van would not be that wise. Our One Way Van Rentals are able to support these business operations and are definitely more cost effective as compared to long term rentals where sometimes the vehicles are not fully utilized.

Range of Vehicles Available

Within our one way van rental schemes, we have panel vans. cargo vans and moving van services that are able to support our clients varying needs. The vans all have different features to transport different forms of cargo so it is important to let us know what you will be transporting. Just contact us  and let us know what sort of vehicles you require and our customer service staff would be glad to assist you.

RentALorry Services

At RentALorry we provide one of the most competitive prices in Singapore for vehicle rentals. Our unique GPS tracking systems allows us to keep track of our vehicles and more efficiently deploy them. This allows us to reduce the downtime of the vehicle and hence provide some cost savings for our clients.

In addition, if you are not too familiar with driving a van, we have trustworthy and reliable drivers available to assist you. Our drivers are highly experienced and qualified in handling the vehicles and definitely know their way around Singapore. They will definitely by able to deliver your goods quickly and efficiently, or bring you to your destination safely.

With our premium services and low rates, you will definitely enjoy your rental experience with us.

If you are using it for relocation purposes and you are unsure of the necessary tonnage or length of vehicle that you require, you can contact our customer service staff. They are experienced in this area and will definitely be able to advice you on this area so that you can get a vehicle that fits just right. Do not hesitate any longer! RentaLorry is the perfect company to cater to your transportation needs.

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One Way Cargo Van Rental Photo Gallery

Cargo van rentals in florida cargo van rental one way. our cargo van rentals carl s offers an ideal moving solution for you and your family easier to maneuver than moving trucks our cargo vans seat two passengers. One way cargo van rentals, rent a one way cargo van with all the loading capacity you will need for transporting long distances.

Cargo van rentals in florida cargo van rental one way

Cargo van rental find cargo trucks one way cargo van, cargo van rental whether it s for personal or business use at one time or another an individual may have the need to rent a cargo van homeowners might be. U haul cargo van rental, rent a cargo van today starting at just 19 95 per rental period extended miles week long and month long rental rates also available cargo vans are perfect for. Where can i rent a cargo van for a one way move, a quick google search of rent cargo van shows that major car rental companies also rent out cargo vans is there some other criteria that you have which.

  • One way cargo van rentals
  • Cargo van rental find cargo trucks one way cargo van
  • U haul cargo van rental
  • Where can i rent a cargo van for a one way move

One way car rental avis com

Looking for a rental car one way you ve come to the right place avis offers convenient one way car rentals at attractive rates. Los angeles airport car cargo van suv convertible auto, our specialty is one way rentals where you can leave the van in another location or we can meet you at a desired location and rent you the van there.

One way car rental budget offers special deals on one Special Prices on One Way Car Rentals from Budget Discount Car Rentals. Cargo van rental in toronto blogto toronto blog, cargo van rental in toronto has many uses with moving related activities being chief among them perhaps you too have a disproportionately large. Moving truck rental local one way moving solutions, renting a moving truck is a big commitment you re committing your time and money and hedging the success of your move read more.

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One Way RV Rental: USA, Canada, Europe

One way RV rentals are super popular in the USA, slightly less so in Canada and in Scandinavia, and far less common in continental Europe.

In the USA all the major motorhome rental companies we represent support all the one way itineraries that are possible between the rental depots they operate (e.g. Los Angeles to New York, Las Vegas to Orlando, San Francisco to Las Vegas, San Francisco to Boston, etc). What s more, the rental companies one way fees are reasonable and in many cases during the spring or autumn travel seasons the one way fees are waived as part of a special. Our online reservation software accounts for all such one way motorhome hire specials.

In Canada cross country one way RV rentals are not well supported but one ways within Western Canada (e.g. between Vancouver and Calgary) or Eastern Canada (e.g. between Toronto and Halifax) are well supported. Again, one way fees are reasonable in Canada, and oftentimes during spring or autumn travel seasons the one way fees are waived as part of a special which our software of course accounts for.

One way motorhome hire within or between Norway, Sweden, and Finland is likewise well supported and involves reasonable one way fees.

On continental Europe, extra-country one way motorhome rentals are possible with our BW Campers motorhomes or campervans picked up at Amsterdam, Holland, and with our Avis Car-Away motorhomes or campervans picked up in Paris, France. And intra- country one way RV rentals are possible within France and within Italy.

One ways are not so common in Europe because the European geography lends itself more to circular routes, and because the more fractured geopolitical/economic landscape there makes one ways more problematic and costly. A lot of RV rental customers choose to pick-up and return in Germany because RV rentals based in Germany are considerably less expensive than anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, you should strongly consider starting and ending your RV tour of Europe in Germany even if the bulk of your holiday lies elsewhere in Europe. Germany lends its outstanding RV s, its central European location, and its leading international airport at Frankfurt to motorhome hire tours of the more extended parts of Europe, including Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom (UK). The rental motorhomes and campervans can indeed be taken between continental Europe and Scandinavia (now much more accessible, via a bridge between Denmark and Sweden) and by sea or land to Greece or the UK or Ireland.

Motorhomes rented via IdeaMerge can be taken by ferry or the Channel Tunnel to/from England and Ireland from/to continental Europe. Of course the motorhome s steering wheel will be on the left side of continental-Europe-based RV s and on the right side of the UK-based RV s. Though it is perfectly legal to drive such European campervan or motorhome on the other side of the road, as it were, the driver will typically not be able to see around immediately preceding vehicles well enough to overtake those vehicles and will therefore in this respect have to rely on the eyes of a trusted passenger.

If you do plan to take your rental campervan or motorhome on a ferry, you should contact the ferry company in advance to be sure you bring all the vehicle documents required to board. Upon the RV rental pick-up occasion, make sure you have those documents.

Tip: If planning a long ferry ride with a RV, remember it is not possible to run the refrigerator while aboard the ferry, where the RV engine and propane tanks or bottles must be turned off and where electricity is not provided.