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Advantage car rental?

Red Rockets link (not working) is probably irrelevant – Advantage was purchased by Hertz in as Yoskel mentioned in Apr 2009. Reviews have improved substantially. Any reviews prior to that date no longer apply.


9/18/10 10:15 PM

goodnessgracious said: Red Rockets link (not working) is probably irrelevant – Advantage was purchased by Hertz in as Yoskel mentioned in Apr 2009. Reviews have improved substantially. Any reviews prior to that date no longer apply.

Here are some more recent reviews:

If booking way out in advance I would be cautious. If Hertz successfully purchase DTAG (Dollar/Thrifty), they will sell Advantage to get regulatory approval. Will not happen overnight. but something to be aware of.

I tested the link and it worked fine for me, but I re-posted the URL anyway.

I have tested the re-post and it is also working fine for me.

The reviews are not irrelevant and are as current as August 2010.

The corporate umbrella for Hertz and Advantage was the same, but the two companies are completely different operations with separate management and separate operating parameters. Accordingly, reviews prior to the change of the corporate umbrella are still quite relevant, as are the more recent ones.

It’s similar to the situation with Aldi and Trader Joe’s who operate under the same corporate umbrella, yet their stores have absolutely nothing in common.

If you have trouble with the link, click on the image on the left for a view of the summary of 18 reviews and 31 quick ratings that rate Advantage with 1.49 points out of 5 points.

49 reviews that are as current as last month average a horrible rating for Advantage.

I think that’s pretty relevant.

BTW. Hertz said that it has already begun the process of selling off its Advantage Rent-a-Car division to satisfy antitrust concerns. So you are misinformed on that count as well.

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Arizona Dunk tank rentals – Dunk Tank Rental AZ

Our dunk tank rental prices include delivery and pickup so if your looking for a dunk tank rental company you just found the right place. Check out the videos below

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Our Water Slide flyer with all of our

Requires a minimum 6′ wide gate and clear path to set up the dunk tank.

Customer to supply water hose and water to fill dunk tank. We also rent water hoses.

Arizona Bounce Around only rents the best Dunk Tanks available. All of our Dunk Tanks have no climb aluminum safety cage to protect the person in the Dunk Tank, a window to see the people get Dunked and have a 350 Gallon tank.

Our Dunk Tanks feature large colorful backdrops, easy lock release latch on the seat and easy climb non slip ladder to get in the Dunk Tank. The Tanks have a built in step making getting out easy.

We offer different size targets available in 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch diameter. Our Dunk Tanks come standard with a 6 inch target. If you would like to have a different size target for your Dunk Tank rental please request when ordering as only 1 size will be delivered.

Rent a quality Dunk Tank in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ for your next party or company event from Arizona Bounce Around.

Dunk tank rental price includes standard set up. Standard setup is considered an area within 80 feet of sufficient water supply. Delivery and removal within included delivery area with no restrictions for delivery, set up or pickup.

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Dunes To Sea

  • St. Peters Beach House
  • St. Peter’s Beach House
  • Mystic Sea Cottage
  • Mystic Sea Cottage

Where land always meets the sea.

Enjoy the most beautiful views of our white beaches at either the PEI or Greenwich National Parks, breathtaking sunsets and island wildlife while relaxing on the deck of one of our three comfortable cottages. Our spacious, three or four bedroom cottages are superbly situated with waterview, and a walk away from miles of pristine ocean beach. Only minutes to the Links at Crowbush, 20-25 minutes to Charlottetown, and 25-30 minutes to Cavendish. You could not ask for a more beautiful and central location!

Built in the spirit of the traditional beach house, our cottages are elegantly decorated and, depending on which your choice of cottage will be, come fully equipped with washer/dryer, PlayStation and games, high speed internet, TV/DVD/Satellite and a collection of movies, books and board games, fireplace, propane BBQ, all kitchen accessories, fresh linen, beach and bath towels, jacuzzi for 2, screened-in porch, bicycles, canoe, kayak, beach chairs and toys and even a telescope for those starry nights over the ocean!

Your best vacation ever awaits you at one of our three PEI cottages!


We are a full service gates and garage Doors Company specialized in Gates and Garage Doors Sale, Repair and Service for residential and commercial application. With over 30 years of expertise in the industry. Gate4Less is pleased to offer 24 hours 7 day a week emergency repairs as well as free estimates for new garage doors, gates and accesses controls, Our friendly staff is qualified and reliable, our service trucks are fully-stocked and our warehouse is filled with a huge selection of Garage doors and gates. If you need a product or service we are unable to offer, we will refer you to a qualified service that does. We look forward to handling any of your future service needs.


Our Happy Customers



Filing for Spokane bankruptcy can be a good option for you, but only if you qualify for relief under the bankruptcy code. Most debt can be completely erased with the filing of the proper paperwork to the Federal Bankruptcy court; this will depend in large part if you decide on/qualify for a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What these options can offer you is peace of mind. Forget about having to deal with ridiculous interest rates, telephone calls at work, garnishments, and just the overall uncertainty that you will be served documents any minute. Most people try to negotiate with creditors, but they will not listen.

Find out now if you may qualify to discharge your debt!

Different chapters under the federal bankruptcy code are applied to different situations, for example:

Chapter 7: Liquidation (liquidates all assets and debts)
Chapter 9: Bankruptcy of Municipalities
Chapter 11: Reorganization (or Liquidation for Business)
Chapter 12: Family Farmers Bankruptcy
Chapter 13: Wage Earner Plan (individual debt reorganization plan)
Chapter 15: Border Bankruptcy (i.e. Canada assets)

Most families and single people try to qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, as this chapter allows for the greatest discharge of debt. Chapter 13, for instance, sets an unsecured dischargeable debt limit of $336,000, while chapter 7 does not have a limit for unsecured debt.

If you are thinking about filing a Spokane bankruptcy, you will probably want to determine (or we can help you determine) if you qualify for chapter 7. To do this, you will need an accurate account of the prior six months’ gross income.

Gross income includes help from family, gifts, IRA withdraws, or any other source of income.

The average gross income of those six months (referred to as the current monthly income ) must be multiplied by twelve to arrive at your average gross annual income. To qualify for Chapter 7, the average gross annual income must be below the medium income table for the relevant family size in Washington.

*For families with more than 4 members, add $7,500 per each individual to the 4-member family size amount.

If the result is under the median income, you could file for chapter 7, or you could file under a 36 month “best effort” chapter 13.

If, however, the result is AT or ABOVE the median income for the pertinent family size, you must undergo a “means test.” In addition, if you are filing chapter 13, you must do a 60-month “best effort” plan. If an individual or family fails the means test, then a chapter 13 must be filed.

The means test applies if an individual or a family is over median income, but they have very little left on which to live on (i.e. $100 per month). If this is the result, they will still qualify for chapter 7, and avoid chapter 13.

Remember, if your average gross annual income is below the median income for your family size, you most likely will qualify for chapter 7 or chapter 13 (your choice).


Drying up 6 myths about flood insurance

Drying up 6 myths about flood insurance

If your home is damaged in a flood, are you covered?

That depends on the value of your home, the level of water damage and whether you have flood insurance.

Regular homeowners insurance policies don t cover flood water damage. And policies through the National Flood Insurance Program top out at $350,000 for your home and goods. So you may need supplemental coverage if your home and possessions total more than that.

But, while people tend to associate floods with a total loss, the average flood claim for U.S. homeowners is about $30,000, according to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Here are six myths that persist about flood insurance and the truth you need to know.

Myth: You must live in a flood plain

Not true. If you live in a flood plain, your mortgage company will likely require you to buy flood insurance. But you can purchase it even if you don t live within a flood zone.

Almost anybody can get flood insurance who wants flood insurance, says Chris Hackett, director of personal lines for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. It s cheaper if you don t live inside a flood plain.

The price of insurance through the federal flood insurance program is based on standardized rates and depends on the home s value and whether or not it s in a flood plain, says Don Griffin, vice president of personal lines for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

The average price for flood insurance is about $600 annually, Hackett says.

If you rent your home or live in a condo, you can buy flood insurance for just your possessions, says Griffin.

If you want flood insurance, it pays to think ahead. There is a 30-day waiting period between when you buy the coverage and when it kicks in, he says.

Myth: Flood insurance is for high-risk areas

Merle Scheiber s dream home wasn t in a flood plain, and he didn t have flood insurance.

Just after completing a three-year renovation project for his 1,800-square-foot cabin-style home, flooding put it underwater for almost four months. Now he s working on an entirely different kind of renovation project.

I m in the process of tearing it apart myself and putting it back together, says Scheiber, who is also the director of insurance for South Dakota.

He advocates that homeowners even those who do not live in designated flood plains weigh the dangers and their options and seriously consider buying flood insurance.

You need to assess your risk, Scheiber says. Griffin says 1 in 4 flood claims is for a home that isn t in a flood plain.

Myth: Flood insurance covers everything

Not necessarily. When it comes to the physical structure of your house, federal flood insurance policies top out at $250,000, Hackett says. If you have a $300,000 house that s a total loss because of a flood, the most you can recoup through the program is $250,000 to cover the structure itself.

For your personal possessions, the cap is $100,000 under the federal program.

And those limits are definitely something you should keep in mind before purchasing a high-value home in an area that s susceptible to flooding, Hackett says.

If you already have insurance through the federal program, then you can buy excess flood insurance through a private carrier that would cover claims above the national limits, Griffin says. In essence, it s a flood policy with a $250,000 deductible, he says.

While federal flood insurance pays to rebuild the structure, it only pays current value on possessions, Griffin says. It doesn t cover anything in a basement (other than your heating and air-conditioning system). It doesn t cover living expenses if you have to relocate while your home is being repaired, he says.

Myth: My homeowners policy covers floods

Unfortunately, a lot of folks may be under the impression that their standard homeowners policy might cover flood damage, Hackett says. But the standard policy doesn t. Your umbrella policies won t cover flood damage either.

The standard homeowners policy doesn t cover earthquakes or floods. So a homeowner wanting coverage for either of those disasters will need to pick up separate, specific policies against those types of disasters.

Realize that, for most people, their homes are one of their most valuable possessions, says Hackett. It s worth protecting that.

Myth: Water damage is water damage

When it comes to your insurance, not all water damage is the same.

If there s a storm and your roof comes off and water comes through, that would be covered under your homeowners policy, Hackett says. Versus a flood situation where the riverbank overflows and you look out of the front of your house and you need a boat to get from point A to point B.

And most consumers have a pretty good understanding of how to draw the line between storm damage and flood damage, says Hackett.

Some homeowners policies offer an optional water-backup endorsement that covers damage from water backing up into your home from causes such as a broken sump pump, he says.

Myth: Flood plain maps don t change

Flood plains (and flood plain maps) change and evolve. Just because you weren t in a flood plain when you bought your home a few years ago doesn t mean you re not in one now.

There are a few ways you can find out about your flood risks and if you may be in a flood plain.

  • This site will allow you to put in your address and see if it s in a flood plain, and give you information on risks, premiums and agents, says Griffin. But use it as one tool, not the final word on whether your home is in a flood plain.
  • Your agent. When it comes to researching whether your home is in a flood plain, you definitely want someone knowledgeable to research the question for you, Griffin says. And, preferably, more than one agent.

And get a second opinion from a different agent, he says.

Agents have different levels of sophistication with regard to this product, says Griffin. You get a different answer sometimes. So you make a couple of checks to make sure you re protecting yourself.



Elements of Effective Prevention Programs
There is a multitude of effective substance abuse prevention interventions that may have different areas of focus and can be implemented in a variety of settings. Interventions can involve the family, school, and community and may provide substance abuse prevention for an individual or a population of youth by focusing on environmental and community factors and policies, developmental factors, or skill development. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has identified 16 key principles for prevention programs based on risk and protective factors, the type of program, and the delivery of the program.

Core Components of Evidence-based Prevention Programs
Structure, content, and delivery are the core elements of effective research-based programs that NIDA suggests can help to address the key principles. and should be considered when determining what kind of prevention program is best for individuals and your community. 1

Structure refers to the following elements of a prevention program:

  • Program type. School- and family-based programs are two program types that have been shown to be effective in preventing drug abuse, with media and computer technology programs beginning to demonstrate effectiveness as well.
  • Audience. Programs are usually designed for a particular audience (e.g. girls at risk, Latino youth) to more effectively meet its needs.
  • Setting. Programs are traditionally designed to reach an audience in its primary setting (e.g. a school-based program held in a school); however, it is becoming more common for programs not to be held in their primary setting (e.g. a family-based program held at a school, or a school-based program implemented in a youth organization, such as a Boys and Girls Club). Programs that focus on multiple components or program types often reach their intended populations through a variety of settings. Combining two or more effective programs has proven to be more effective than conducting a single program.

The specific content of prevention programs varies, but is designed to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors. The elements of a program’s content should include the following:

  • Information. Information can include facts about drug laws and policies, and drugs and their effects. Although drug information is important, it has not been found to be an effective intervention by itself; that is, without additional prevention components.
  • Skills development. Training to develop skills helps to build and improve behaviors (e.g. communication within the family, social and emotional development, academic and social competence, and dealing with peer pressure).
  • Strategies. Some prevention programs are targeted at structural change (e.g. enforcing existing laws, such as those on alcohol or tobacco sales to minors, establishing tolerance policies, enforcing school rules or promoting norm changes, and establishing curfews).
  • Services. Examples of services a program provides might include school, peer, or family counseling; drug-free zones; and health care.

The delivery of a prevention program includes the following elements:

  • Program selection or adaptation. Communities must match effective research-based programs to their community needs in order to ensure the right fit. Adaptation involves changing a program to fit the needs of a specific population in various settings. The program’s core elements are maintained to ensure fidelity to the model, while changes address the community’s specific needs.
  • Implementation. Implementing a program refers to how it is delivered, including the number of sessions, methods used, and program follow-up. Proper implementation is key to program effectiveness.

Caring Adults
Prevention programs have proven to be effective, but families and influential adults continue to play the most important role in determining how youth handle the lure of alcohol, cigarettes, misuse of prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. More recent studies have shown that parents and guardians (and adults influential in a youth’s life) who speak to their children about the issues and have dinner with them on a regular basis, have children with a lower rate of use and abuse. 2 Prevention programs can help to support family/mentoring relationships by providing parenting/mentoring skills and communication strategies. 3

Early Intervention
Intervening early—before high school—is critical. The data suggest that patterns of substance abuse become worse in the high school years. Individuals who begin using alcohol or tobacco when they are very young are more likely to abuse them later in life, when it becomes much more difficult to quit.


National Institute on Drug Abuse
A division of the National Institutes of Health, NIDA’s mission is to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
The Center, a division of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, provides national leadership in the federal effort to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems.

National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP)
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration supports NREPP, a searchable online registry of more than 200 interventions supporting mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention, and mental health and substance abuse treatment. NREPP connects members of the public to intervention developers so they can learn how to implement these approaches in their communities. Program Directory
The program directory provides up-to-date information for effective programs that address risk and protective factors related to substance abuse. All programs included in the program directory have been rigorously reviewed based on their conceptual framework, if the program was implemented as intended, how it was evaluated, and the findings of the evaluations. The directory also includes youth-focused programs from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), another online registry of mental health and substance abuse interventions.

1 Robertson, David, Rao, 2003
2 QEV Analytics, Ltd, Knowledge Networks, 2010
3 Robertson, David, Rao, 2003

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From €74 /night

Welcome to Staycity Serviced Apartments Dublin, Dublin’s premier serviced apartments. We offer 181 apartments consisting of one, two and three bedroom apartments conveniently located near the city’s main tourist attractions, bars, and restaurants. Our apartments provide the ideal home away from home for leisure and business travellers alike. Staycity has established itself upon a reputation of exceptional standards of accommodation at everyday prices. Experience more for less.

Staycity Serviced Apartments Dublin typically offer more than twice the space of a standard hotel room, and are complete with fully equipped kitchens for all your self-catering needs. For your convenience, we also offer 24 hour receptions, onsite car parking and housekeeping. All of our apartments are provided with complimentary Wi-Fi, so you can keep in touch whether you re staying for 1 night or 1 month.

All four of our properties at Staycity Serviced Apartments Dublin are conveniently located within walking distance to the vibrant Temple Bar district, Trinity College, the Guinness Storehouse and Dublin Castle. If you prefer to shop, Dublin’s top boutiques and department stores can be found on nearby Grafton Street or Henry Street. It s only a 5 minute drive to Heuston Station and 35 minutes by bus from Dublin Airport, making Staycity Serviced Apartments Dublin the perfect base for your stay.

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Advantage Car Rental Coupon: You’re Ticket to Budgeted Stylishness

07/03/2013 Posted by – admin

Nowadays, it’s not about the few elite who are capable of experiencing the luxury of driving nice and expensive cars or of any car vehicle of your choosing. It is now all about wise spending. In fact, an advantage car rental coupon can best provide you with such an alternative.

Most especially if you plan to have that much needed vacation during summers, expect that since it’s summer, the cost for car rental service would rocket as the demand for vacation during summers also increased. You may then consider two alternatives. Either you book an early reservation or avail of some good promos and discounts.

Want to Have an Advantage Car Rental Coupon?

You would certainly ask, where does an advantage car coupon found? How can I avail for them? Well, the best thing that you have to do here is to search and dig for some websites that provide the best coupons and discounts on car rentals. In this case though, they are not so much hard to find as they will be provided for you here on a silver platter:


Advantage car rental coupon discount may be provided in this website. They continually update on their coupon database so you will only be provided of the latest and updated coupons for your use.


Enjoy whopping discounts and coupon on car rentals from this website. All you have to do is to be keen on choosing the best code deal for your car rental needs.

  • Google search it

But if you prefer a more extensive type of sources, try searching the car rental company of your choice together with a set of words similar to ‘advantage car rental coupon 2013’ and you will provided with a list of great deals and discounts. And all you have to do afterward is to choose.

What similar rental coupons will I be expecting?

New to the whole car rental coupon thing, you have to know that these car rental coupons encourage vacationers and tourists to more likely avail of their product so the said company may increase their sales through such a marketing promotional effort.  Some car rental companies tie up with hotels, car manufacturers, or any other related industry companies in the field of travels, tours, and tourism. So the following may be examples of those rental coupons:

  • Some percentage off on your rental for the weekend

The longer you rent for the car, it is more likely that you will have higher coupon discount for it. You can then avail of the promo coupon by availing of its code which you will use whenever it is being required of you say when it is asked during a booking reference.

You can upgrade the type of car you will be renting into a more sophisticated and highly stylished car.

So, the next time you want to take the much needed vacation, why not plan ahead and avail yourself of the wonderful rental coupons and discounts to make your ride and vacation quite a relaxing and exciting experience.