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Benidorm Apartments to Rent

Benidorm is a good place to rent an apartment. Benidorm is close to Alicante airport, is a huge tourist destination and has miles of sandy beaches with plenty to do and see.

Finding a Benidorm apartment to rent is easy as there are thousands of available apartments with plenty of other types of accommodation in Benidorm also available.

If you are thinking of renting an apartment in Benidorm it is important to consider how long you want to rent the apartment for because the longer you rent for, the cheaper the apartment rental price.

Consider also the rating system for apartments in Spain, similar to the star rating given to hotels, apartments are rated with what is known as keys.

The higher the key the better the apartment is offically rated.

Where Is The Best Area To Rent An Apartment?

Popular areas of Benidorm include Levante Beach (the busiest and noisiest area), Poniente (quiet), Cala de Finestrat (a bit far away from all the nightlife), the Old Town (very Spanish) and Rincon de Loix (close to Levante and well served by bars and restaurants).

Our advice would be that if you are renting short-term for a weekend, a few days or a week s holiday then get an apartment in the Levante Beach area as you will be close to the beach, shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and night clubs .

If however you are looking to rent long term in Benidorm then you may want somewhere quieter, the Rincon de Loix or the Old Town area would be good places to rent in Benidorm and are within walking distance of the hustle and bustle of the Levante area.

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Benidorm on a long-term let basis then we have a special page on long term rentals in Benidorm.

Renting an apartment in Benidorm long term for more than four weeks will entitle you to a much cheaper apartment rental than if you are looking for a short term holiday apartment rental in Benidorm. An extended long term lease is massively cheaper than short term stays and is best if you are looking for apartments to rent in Benidorm long term.

Holiday apartment rental in Benidorm is a very cost effective alternative to staying in a hotel because it gives you a self-catering option of not having to eat out all the time as most Benidorm apartments will have a kitchen.

Sometimes you will be required to rent the apartment for at least a week so it s not an option if you are only staying in Benidorm for a few days. You can even find studio apartments to rent in Benidorm, they work out the cheapest of course. Most Benidorm apartments will be either 1 bed apartments or 2 bed apartments. Rarely will you find 3 bed or 4 bed apartments.

As well as cooking facilities, renting a self catering Benidorm apartment gives you the advantage over staying in a hotel in Benidorm in that you have your own private space.

Benidorm apartments will usually work out the cheapest way of staying in Benidorm apartment rental in Benidorm is usually even cheaper than staying in a hotel or renting a villa.

Apartment rental in Benidorm is ideal if there are four people or less any more than that and you should consider renting a villa in Benidorm instead as it will be more cost effective.

How Much Does Renting An Apartment Cost?

Certainly in the off peak season it is very easy to find cheap apartments in Benidorm because of the surplus of empty apartments as compared to the summer when Benidorm is full of tourists.

Benidorm apartments to rent usually cost starting from €250 euros (£200) for weeks in the low season of November, December, January and February.

Mid-season Benidorm apartments in rental months such as May, June and September would see an apartment rent in Benidorm in the range of €500-€750 (£350-£500).

Of course summer in Benidorm is peak season as the Costa Blanca is a major tourist destination for people from Northern Europe.

High season for renting an apartment in Benidorm is July and August when prices are likely to peak at €1000 (£650) for a 3 bed apartment rental.

Most Benidorm apartments will be in the middle of Benidorm town, especially the busy Levante area, within walking distance to shops, bars and restaurants.

Beware of Hidden Charges and Extras

The truth about renting an apartment in Benidorm

Renting an apartment for your vacation is a cost effective way to make the most of your vacation. Instead of a hotel room you have the added bonus of being able to stay in more home like surroundings where you have a lounge and dining room to relax in, watch some television in the evenings and prepare meals such as breakfast, some snacks or even full meals. Benidorm does offer a whole host of restaurants with international cuisine with all kinds of price tags.

All potential guests need to know that when you have booked your apartment with your tour operator, there are often more things you have to pay for once you get to the resort and not get a nasty shock at having to pay all these in some cases hidden extras.

All guests have to pay a refundable breakage deposit. Most apartments Benidorm require you to pay at least eighty to one hundred Euros in order to use all the facilities. Take care not to break anything and you will get your money back.

If you want to secure your valuables most apartment complexes do offer safe deposit boxes unfortunately only a few offer these complimentary other wise you are looking to pay at least twenty five Euros for a week.

Air conditioning and heating is often not included in the price either be prepared to pay at least six Euros a day during your stay.

Often towels and sheets also have to be paid for on arrival.

Sun loungers and parasols at the pool side are often also only available to use at a small charge to be paid locally.

Satellite television is normally also available at a charge to be paid locally only in rare cases is this included in your weekly rental rate.

Internet and telephone services if you require them also need to be paid for.

The left luggage service at reception is also in most instances not complimentary. It is best to come to Benidorm armed with at least two hundred Euros on top of what you expect to pay on your day to day budget to pay for these “hidden extras”.

A-Z List of Benidorm Apartments For Rent

Below we list the most popular apartments Benidorm in alphabetical order with links to individual apartment pages for more detail and information.

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