Jan 14 2020

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2019 Best Places to Buy a House in California About this List

Explore the best places to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and real estate trends. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, and other data sources. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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Health & Outdoors


    Neighborhood in Folsom, CA

Niche User : Crime rates are fairly low in the area. Anything which does occur is generally along the same vein of severity as shoplifting, though there is occasional recreational drug use in teens and adults. Traffic incidents are arguably the most common public disturbance. Police in the area are quick to respond, and are highly visible and efficacious.
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Empire Ranch

    Neighborhood in Folsom, CA

Niche User : Safe, friendly, environment (nicknamed “wholesome Folsom”), and a great family neighborhood. Folsom has been ranked as one of the top family neighborhoods in the region.
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Lexington Hills/The Parkway

    Neighborhood in Folsom, CA

Niche User : This is very safe area, especially near my home.
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Current Resident : Westlake is a great area that is safe, quiet, and has very easy access to downtown and the airport. The area is still developing so there will be growth in the future. It is on the edge of Sacramento, with trails directly adjacent.
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Natomas Creek

Current Resident : It is a good place for families to live. Although this part of town does not have active culture scenes, you’re only 10 minutes away from downtown and midtown and also, 5 minutes away from SAC airport. Conveniently located. Housing price is about average but the school district is not great.
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Olympus Pointe

    Neighborhood in Roseville, CA

Niche User : There are a few very isolated incidents, but this area is very safe and neighborhood watches are common.
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Del Mar Mesa

  • Neighborhood in San Diego, CA

Natoma Station

    Neighborhood in Folsom, CA

Miramar Ranch North

    Neighborhood in San Diego, CA

Parent : Scripps Ranch community provides easy access to shopping and a safe environment where you will find many residents taking walks and enjoying the wonderful weather and location.
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Natomas Park

Current Resident : Natomas Park is an absolutely beautiful place to live. With numerous schools, parks , bike paths, shopping centers, and even a community college, it is one of the most beautiful places to live. Just fifteen minutes south is downtown Sacramento and the new Golden 1 arena, home of the Sacramento Kings. Fifteen minutes north is Sacramento airport and Sacramento River. The community itself houses people of every ethnicity! We are a very warm and welcoming community! It retains the true feel of Sacramento living without any of the rush associated with big city life.
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Wrigley Heights

  • Neighborhood in Long Beach, CA

Pacific Highlands Ranch

    Neighborhood in San Diego, CA

Niche User : I live in a very wonderful area and I have access to everything I need. It’s a fairly wealthy and very clean area. The only aspect of this area that I do not like is how superficial some people are; there are a lot of plastic surgeons who get lots of business around here and it is a little off-putting how fake people’s bodies are and sometimes their personality matches that superficiality.
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Torrey Hills

    Neighborhood in San Diego, CA

Current Resident : Great place to raise kids. Public Schools elementary through high school are some of the best in the state. Cool ocean breezes, moderate climate. Beautiful Pacific Ocean sunsets. Only downside is that is expensive to live here.
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Sabre Springs

    Neighborhood in San Diego, CA

Former Resident : First neighborhood I lived in after moving from Minnesota! It is an absolutely beautiful area! There are trees lining a majority of the streets, the neighborhoods are safe and filled with beautiful homes and condominiums. It is in a great location and easy to get to Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Carmel Mountain area, Rancho Bernardo etc.
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Rincon Hill

    Neighborhood in San Francisco, CA

Current Resident : Love living here, housing is a bit expensive but it feels secure and pretty (if you walk towards the water); I’d like to see less homeless people wondering the streets.
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Niche User : There is a lot of farm land near this area. Elkhorn road separates the residence are and the farm land. Which means it can get really windy because the area is open. In the summer, it’s a good thing so that when the temperature gets to 90 degrees it wont’t be too hot because of the wind. I like this area better than where we used to live before. It was really crowded and noisy because of the elementary school. This area much better. It’s more open and streets are wide too. It’s peaceful.
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San Pasqual Valley

  • Neighborhood in San Diego, CA

River Park

Current Resident : I love River park 🙂 it’s a friendly and homey neighborhood where everyone is involved. Our street had annual block parties and we even have a cleanup day at the river where the whole community comes out to help clean up our river.
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    Town in California

Current Resident : I have lived in Ridgecrest for as long as I can remember. Ridgecrest gave me some of my best memories and best friends that I could ask for. This little town holds a special place in my heart as my grandparents practically built this town. My grandpa was a huge contributor to building up our Naval base which is pretty awesome. Growing up, I never saw a problem with Ridgecrest, I went to great schools, I made great friends and I was always close to my huge family. Now that I am older, the town has changed and has become a bit more dangerous than I remember it. The crime rates have sky rocketed, as I woman I no longer feel safe going places by myself. Ridgecrest will always be my home town and hold a special place in my heart, but I am very excited to move and experience a new place.
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Lincoln Village

    Town in California

Current Resident : The Lincoln Village area is remarkable to live in. The area is clean, the people are polite and surrounding businesses are awesome. The Lincoln Village has security for the area, shopping centers both North/South Centers.
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    Town in California

Current Resident : Great place to live and great places to eat too. My favorite is Mountain Mike’s Pizza just around the corner
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Seal Beach

    Suburb of Los Angeles, CA

Current Resident : Seal Beach is a small, quaint city on the border of Orange County and Los Angeles, and it is my absolute favorite place to live thus far! The people here are incredibly friendly and inviting, the Main Street restaurants and shops are local and crime is almost non-existent. There are several delicious restaurants to try on Main Street Seal Beach as well as off of Pacific Coast Highway. I always feel so welcomed and happy no matter where I step foot in this city. In addition, there are many families that live here, which makes it a wonderful place to raise kids. I would like to see more community events throughout the year. I think that adding more events in Seal Beach would bring us all closer together. Other than that, this city should be more on the map! It’s been life changing living here, and I cannot wait to see how Seal Beach grows!
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Via de la Valle

  • Neighborhood in San Diego, CA


    Neighborhood in Riverside, CA

Current Resident : Excellent area with beautiful scenery drive on Orange Terrace parkway, wonderful neighborhood and beloved Grove community church as well as East Hill church. Top niche schools with great outdoor sports park and home feel library.
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