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Mutual Funds

Best Mutual Funds: News, Performance Reports And Investing Ideas

Mutual funds have been the workhorse of American retirement for decades, with Vanguard, Fidelity, American Funds, JPMorgan Chase (JPM ) and T. Rowe Price (TROW ) leading a $16 trillion-in-asset industry that offers numerous investment choices to help you reach your investment goals.

How do you build and maintain a portfolio of funds that will carry you safely to your goals?

Start by checking the lists below (updated Monday through Friday), which highlight top performers that invest in various types of stocks and bonds. You’ll also find ongoing coverage of the latest trends, tips on how to invest. monthly reports and IBD’s annual Best Mutual Fund Awards .

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This Mutual Fund Gets Hot Gains, Low Volatility With Alphabet, PayPal Since Justin White took charge as portfolio manager of T. Rowe Price New America Growth Fund (PRWAX) in April last year, the large-cap growth mutual fund has increasingly gained momentum. The strong. Read More

Amazon, Facebook, Broadcom Are Driving This Top Mutual Fund, Facebook and Broadcom are three stocks that show why $1.7 billion USAA Growth Income Fund (USGRX) is smart for using two oars rather than just one. The fund’s management is divvied. Read More

How Other Grocers Must Respond To Amazon Acquisition Of Whole Foods Now that has swallowed troubled food chain Whole Foods Market, other brick-and-mortar grocers need to act to avoid becoming industry leftovers destined for the trash bin. So says Lindsay Sakraida, director of content. Read More

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Top Funds Shine With Lumentum, Buy The nation’s best-performing funds in the past three months have continued to graze on chipmakers as the sector continues to soar, while the market bounced back from its sharp dip on May. Read More

Bond Investors Expect Range-Bound Market Until Signs Of GDP Growth Are Clear Nearly all fixed-income areas performed well in May. One key exception was Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS), which declined due to lower inflation expectations. Meanwhile, the bond markets readied themselves for an almost. Read More

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A Pipeline With Accelerating Revenue, And Triple-Digit EPS Growth Expectations that U.S. benchmark oil prices just might restabilize in the $50-$55 range have investors re-examining their watch lists of energy stocks, looking for possible leaders. For income investors, pipelines are prime. Read More

IBD’s Best Mutual Funds 2017 Awards: New Crop Of Winners Finding the best mutual fund to protect and grow your hard-earned retirement savings can take a little skill and, it might sometimes seem, a lot of luck. Do you put your trust. Read More

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