Oct 4 2019

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Cheap Textbooks

Compare Prices for your Books in 3 Easy Steps.

Type in a Title, Author, Keyword, or ISBN in the red search box and use the Search button.

Once you find the book that you want, hit the Compare Prices button.

Note. It may take up to 20 seconds in order to retrieve the different prices from each bookstore for your book.

Identify the best priced book or rental and then hit the Buy Now button.

The cost of college books are increasing every year with no end in sight, but buying cheap textbooks can really help college students save hundreds of dollars during each semester of school. With the average one costing over a hundred dollars and most students taking four classes per semester, the savings can really add up if readers can find better prices. With our book comparison website, we scour the internet so that students can instantly search and compare new and used textbook prices as well as book rentals from the most reliable and biggest online book stores with just one search. This ensures that each book you buy will be the cheapest price available. Why not use the money saved on other college expenses such as room, board, and tuition? We do all the hard work to save you time and money. Searching for your textbooks is easy. Simple enter into the text box above the author, title, keyword or ISBN and hit search. If you are searching by author, title, or keyword, locate the required book and click the Compare Prices button. ISBN searches should find the exact book you are looking for. Lastly, find the cheapest textbooks in your desired format (used, new, or rental) and click the Buy Now button. There is also the option to find cheap textbooks by category. We search book prices from the leading bookstores online including Amazon, Half, Abebooks, ValoreBooks, and many more. More details

Renting textbooks is a good option for some buyers. It can take a lot of hassle out of buying books. Traditionally, students purchase used or new books and then resell them at the end of a semester. This creates risk for buyers because bookstores may not buy back the textbook. With textbook rental, the upfront cost is cheaper than buying new or used books. In exchange, customers do not have the option for selling back. This may be viewed as a negative, but it actually shifts the burden of obsolete textbooks to book rental stores like Chegg.

For tech savvy students, another place to look for added savings is digital textbooks. People have started to adopt the use of electronic books in the past few years. For the first in history, the purchase of e-textbooks have outpaced buying hard copy books. With the technological advancements in book readers, reading digital books is just like perusing traditional books. Students are able to easily highlight text, view pictures and graphs, take notes, and much more. The cost is obviously the most beneficial part. It is significantly cheaper and without need for paper, it is also good for the environment. The only downside is that using e-textbooks requires an initial payment to purchase a book reader. However, using a book reader for the entire four years of university will help spread out the costs.

Some people have had success buying international edition textbooks for college. Discounts are available for these books ranging from 50 to 60 percent off retail prices. Most of the time, the contents of the book is exactly identical to those in the domestic market. The only exception is that it says it is made in another country. Just be aware that some most book publishers have made a concerted effort to discourage international sales in the United States by making minor changes to the page numbering or text. An international book can be easily located through many of the online bookstores. However, it is always best to go with one of the many large and trustworthy book retailer in case there are any issues with your order. Usually the bigger internet bookstores have good customer service and support.

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