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Condo Rentals are a Brand New Offer from Sell My Timeshare NOW!

If you have owned timeshare or been interested in using timeshare in the past, but one week per year just won’t cut it, condo rentals are for you. Similar to timeshare rentals, vacation condo rentals are top-rate accommodations that can be rented out for a period of time without signing a deed or paying maintenance fees. One of the main differences is that these vacation rentals are available for much longer intervals. Multiple weeks, months and in some case even a full year’s time is available with condo rentals. So if you want an extended vacation or one that seems to never end, condo vacation rentals are the way to go!

Take Advantage of No Obligation Vacation Condo Rentals!

This is a risk-free opportunity! You can rent as much time as you would like without having to sign a deed, without being pressured to buy or even asked to take a tour or attend a presentation. When you rent vacation condos you aren’t renting from the resort, nor are you renting from th individual owner, instead you are renting vacation condo property from the Homeowner’s Association that runs the resort where the condo rental is located.

Easy and Affordable

The process of staying in condo rentals is simplified when embarking on an extended holiday. For example, if you wanted to stay multiple weeks in a timeshare, many times you would have to switch units for each week. With a vacation condo rental you will be in the same unit the entire time. You won’t need to switch and therefore your holiday will be that much less stressful. Also, the yearly cost of upkeep for a vacation condo is often slightly less than the yearly cost of maintaining a timeshare, so the weekly cost to rent a vacation condo is often slightly less than the weekly cost of renting a timeshare. This of course depends on the resort, the location and the person or business renting the property.

Superior Quality!

Do you really want to vacation in the utmost style and luxury without paying more? Most condo rental resorts boast superior quality to other vacation property resorts. Because each unit in condo rental resorts has a single owner, the rooms are generally in much better shape. Also, developers are willing to put more money into vacation condo rental resorts knowing that there will be a limited number of visitors and therefore less wear and tear. What this means for you, the renter, is that you will be enjoying finer accommodations and more luxurious amenities.

Vacation Condo Rentals Present Quality and Class in the World’s most Favorable Destinations!

Condo rentals can be found in many of the world’s vacation hotspots such as the Caribbean, Colorado, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico, San Diego, New York, and Arizona among others. One of the most popular attractions for travelers wanting condo rentals for their holidays is Florida. Florida is one of the greatest vacation destinations because of its endless coastline, diverse landscapes, unique culture and eventful cities. Activities range from water sports and exploring the everglades to shopping and amusement parks – and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Naples, Florida condo rentals are a popular choice for vacationers, and Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Sanibel Island, Destin and Miami Beach are some other great places to find rental condos for your next Florida vacation.

Renting Vacation Condos With Us Means Great Deals on Famous Brands

You won’t find deals like this on GreenLinks Resort condo rentals anywhere else! At GreenLinks resort you will find top of the line vacation rentals directly on two well-known championship golf courses that were professionally designed and are stunning both to play on and simply to look at – creates a perfect view from your condo rental window!

RCI and Condo Rentals

These vacation rentals can also provide some flexibility. Major exchange companies like Resort Condominiums International and Interval International recognize a few resort chains and there condo rentals. These condo rentals that can be exchanged through RCI and II may allow timeshare owners to trade there week for a week in a condo rental. As is the case with GreenLinks, RCI and II will allow the property to be put in to the exchange inventory system for weekly bonus week rentals and even exchanges if the Homeowner’s Association approves.