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Where to Rent a RV Near Me

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Where to Rent a RV Near Me (And What to Know Before You Do)

Renting an RV can be a simple process if you know what you’re doing. On the other hand, if you’re scrambling for last-minute reservations, it can be something of a nightmare. Either way, if you’ve never rented an RV before, there’s a handful of things you should know. These “best practices” will help you find the best RV, for the best price, from the best rental service. So, if you’re wondering where to rent a RV near me now, keep reading to find the answer to that and other questions.

Where to Rent an RV Near Me – Van, Bus, or Other

As you may already know, RVs come in hundreds of different makes, models, and styles. Not all are created equal. An RV that’s perfect for one family might be wrong for yours. Naturally, the first step when renting an RV is deciding which RV works for you. It’s an important decision that will dictate how you travel, where you stay, and how comfortable you’ll be. Let’s take a look at the most popular rental classes.

  • Class As are bus style RVs and are the largest in the motorized category. They can be anywhere from 25 to 45 feet long. Most people picture the classic motorhome, but some Class As are made from vintage coach buses and even school buses. Diesel Class As are a sight to behold; they’re usually packed with luxury amenities and can cost as much as a house! If you’re looking to rent a motorhome, just search where to rent an RV near me Class A. The majority of rental companies have Class As in their inventories.
  • Class B RVs are essentially converted vans. From old cargo vans to brand new Sprinters, Class Bs vary widely in style and amenities. They’re on the smaller side, though, and are best for just a traveling couple or trio of friends. Some larger Class Bs have a wet bath, which includes a shower. Others have outdoor showers or cooktops. Finding a Class B rental might be tricky, so look for companies that specialize in van rentals or small RVs.
  • Class Cs are the standard RV rental across most companies. They’re able to sleep more people because of the over cab bunk, in addition to the separate bedroom in the back. Usually, up to ten people can fit in a Class C that’s 30 feet long or larger. Class Cs are an excellent choice for new RVers, as they’re much easier to drive than Class As, but still offer the same amount of space and amenities.
  • If you’re looking for versatility, a travel trailer might be right for you. They range in size from 9 to 40 feet or more. Smaller sizes are lightweight and easy to tow; many can even be towed by regular sedans. Larger sizes require a special tow vehicle, so make sure you know the weight limits and towing capacity before you rent. Travel trailers pack a lot of amenities into a compact space. Most have residential sized kitchens, queen or king bedrooms, and spacious living rooms.
  • Fifth wheels are the largest and most luxurious in the towable RV category. They attach to the bed of your truck using a special hitch, making them sturdier and easier to tow. This also creates two levels in the living area. The bunk can be used as a second bedroom, storage, or for other purposes. They’re great for large families with kids who need lots of space, and parents who want lots of privacy. However, you’ll want to have a lot of towing experience before you rent one. Search for where can I rent a RV near me fifth wheel to find local companies and large chains – many rent out fifth wheels as temporary housing.

Places to Rent an RV Near Me – Options for Rentals

Now you know what RV to rent, next question is where to rent a RV near me tonight? There are many ways to rent an RV – you could probably throw a stone and hit a nearby dealership. But if you’re looking to rent something last minute, your list will be much narrower. There are three main ways to rent an RV:

  • Through a large company with branches across the USA. Commercial companies are great for finding one way specials and deals, but they’re not so great for finding specific types of RVs or last minute rentals. Their inventories are limited, and they usually ask for a few days’ notice.
  • You might luck out if you search where to rent a RV near me directions to the nearest local rental service. Small rental companies are usually privately owned and have a nice variety of inventory. Some even specialize in certain types of RV or services, like van rentals or RV delivery and setup. However, they sell out quickly during peak travel season, but it’s still worth a shot.
  • Your best bet for finding last minute rentals or specific RV classes is through RVshare. We’re an online marketplace where RV owners can go to list their RVs for rent. Our inventory is nationwide and includes RVs of every class we mentioned and even a few we didn’t. Since we have hundreds of thousands of listings, your chances of finding a last minute rental are exponentially better. Just search where to rent a RV near me zip code, and RVshare will pull up available listings in your area.

Where to Rent a RV Near Me Today

Your struggle to find the perfect RV rental is over. By searching where to rent a RV near me by owner, you’ve opened up a world of possibility. Peer to peer RV rentals through RVshare are affordable and easy to find. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a large selection to choose from, whether you want something simple and straightforward, something luxurious, or something in between. Enter your zip code to start searching listings in your area. Good luck!


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