Oct 4 2019

Houses for Rent in Illinois. #tent #rental

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Homes for Rent in Illinois

Discover Houses for Rent in Illinois

Illinois, in the Midwest, is surrounded by five other U.S. states, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri. Illinois would be landlocked if it weren’t for its location on Lake Michigan, just across the water from the eponymous state of Michigan. The bustling city of Chicago lies on the Great Lake and is one of Illinois’s major economic centers. There are other sizable urban locales in the state as well, such as Joliet. Rockford. Aurora and Springfield. Whether renters are looking for a robust metropolitan experience or outdoor indulgence, homes for rent in Illinois have a lot to offer.

Intriguing Illinois Information for Renters to Know

  • Illinois’s name comes from a French version of an Algonquin term, “Illini,” that means “warriors” or “men.”
  • The land that now composes Illinois was traveled by Paleo-Indians prior to the arrival of the French millennia later. The Modoc Rock Shelter in Randolph County preserves the traces of this more than 7,000 year old culture.
  • Westerns first came to the place that would become Illinois in 1673, settling the area 47 years later in 1720. Illinois was not recognized as a U.S. state until December 3, 1818, though it was established as a territory in 1809.
  • In order for Chicago to be included within Illinois’s boundaries, representatives from the region had to convince Congress to trace the state line 51 miles north of the border created by the Northwest Ordinance.

Top 3 Illinois Attractions for Renters to Visit

Fun Facts for Illinois Renters

Chicago’s National Football League team, the Chicago Bears, were previously known as the Chicago Staleys. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport received its abbreviation from its initial title, Orchard Fields.

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