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Homes for Rent in Kentucky

Find Houses for Rent in Kentucky

A number of states encircle Kentucky, including Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, Virginia, Illinois and Tennessee. Lexington. one of the largest cities in Kentucky, is connected to Cincinnati. Ohio, and Knoxville. Tenn. by Interstate 75, which runs from north to south. Interstate 64, on the other hand, connects Louisville with both Lexington and Charleston. W.Va. Homes for rent in Kentucky can appeal to renters of different stripes, but may be especially attractive to hunters and fans of horse racing.

Intriguing Tidbits for KY Renters to Know

  • Both President Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson Davis were born in Kentucky.
  • Kentucky was a neutral state during the Civil War, providing the Confederates with roughly 40,000 troops and the Union with about 100,000.
  • The Battle of Blue Licks occurred in 1782 and was one of the final Native American conflicts to occur in Kentucky.
  • Native American tribes warred over the land that is now Kentucky, once called the “Great Meadow,” which was located midway between the Chickasaw and Cherokee groups that lived south of the Cumberland River and the Shawnee who resided to the north of the Ohio River.
  • Kentucky became the 15th U.S. state when it was admitted into the Union in 1792.

Top 3 Destinations for Kentucky Renters to Visit

Fun Kentucky Facts for Renters

Kentucky’s state butterfly, the Viceroy Butterfly, was adopted in 1990. Kentucky is one of the primary producers of burley tobacco in the U.S. Covering 39,732 square miles, Kentucky is the 37th largest U.S. state. The Cardinal became Kentucky’s state bird in 1926. Kentucky is second only to Alaska in the amount of running water contained within its borders.

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