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How to Rent a Forklift

Forklift rental

Our short term rental covers forklift rental over any time period from 1 day to 12 months. Our Long term rental covers forklift rental for anything over a year.

We are able to supply our customers with a wide variety of forklifts from our rental fleet with varying capacities (1.5 tons to 13 tons) and lift heights for any range of applications and uses. If you need a forklift for a short period of time or for longer periods we are here to provide the ideal solution for you!

If you need a driver to operate the forklift – we will provide you with one. If you would rather have one of your drivers operate the forklift – we will provide you with driver training.

We Offer the following types of forklifts:

  • Internal Combustion Engine Forklift

  • Stackers: Stackers are one of the most commonly used for the storage of pallets in warehouses. It is ideally suited to operate efficiently at good space utilisation and high efficiencies.

  • Paper Roll Clamps – 360 degree rotating paper roll clamp for vertical and horizontal handling of single rolls.
  • Pulp Bale Clamps and Waste paper bale clamps – Commonly used for handling pulp bale in the paper industry. It is also used for cotton, wool, fabrics, tabacco and other similar products.
  • Sideshifters and Fork Positioners – A useful addition to the forklift truck, with a vast range of uses. The fork positioner is a hydraulic attachment that moves the tines together or apart. This means that the operator of the forklift does not have to get out to adjust the tines manually.
  • Multi Pallet Handlers – Single / Double pallet handler for handling one or two pallets. These models offer the possibility to lift pallets on both sides, either one or two at a time.
  • Carton Clamps – Used in the white ware industry and for high volume carton handling.
  • Rotators – This attachement allows the tines to be rotated. This devise aids the handling of skids that have become markedly tilted as well as any other speciality materials handling needs. It may also be used for dumping containers for quick unloading.

Forklift rental

Forklift rental