Nov 26 2017

Independent Rental Company – 10 Photos – Truck Rental – Santa Cruz, CA – Reviews #find #rental #properties

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Not An LGBTQ friendly business. I ve rented from this biz before I knew..This is pretty important for those of us in the queer community to feel safe respected. There were rumors circulating in some support groups that the owner s wife had harassed a young queer/trans kid, but I didn t believe it. Well, apparently some other kids took screenshots of the comments they were shared in the group. It was hateful stuff. A lot of trans kids were pissed upset,but apparently the owners think they are psychic posted about how the kids were going to end up dead. Some kids took it harder than others, but it was really shocking pissed about 15 young teens kids off. I just discovered this, so am not going to to do business with these haters. It s really discriminatory.

These guys have a pretty good inventory (better than Enterprise or Budget or U-Haul!) and they are really helpful. Their prices are structured a little differently than the other guys but they are usually cheaper and always more helpful. They also have tons of small rental stuff to make the move easier. Call and ask if they have what you need. I bet they do!

Smoothest move I ve ever had! (I m a professional nomad, so that s saying a lot)

The forecast for our move-date was sunny and 95 degrees. Yep, Santa Cruz hates us. So we asked the owner if we could rent the truck the night before instead, and he let us take the last truck right before closing. Didn t charge extra for it. We loaded the truck up that night after the evil sun went down, then got up early the next morning and unloaded before it got too hot out. Dropped the truck off around noon and we were done!

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