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List of registered charities

List of registered charities-List of registered charities
List of registered charities-There are numerous charities around the world working towards the welfare of underprivileged and the poor communities. Some of the charities are into…

Making The World A Better Place – Global Charities

There are numerous charities around the world working towards the welfare of underprivileged and the poor communities. Some of the charities are into focused work for a specific purpose or community or age or gender. There are many charities globally which work towards women empowerment or care for the orphan children or disaster management, etc. While on the other side there are charities which are into different kinds of programs for all the communities, etc. These global charities are registered with the government. The various development, relief and welfare programs undertaken by these charities include the following:

Education for Kids – With the objective of eradicating poverty from the society, charities globally have undertaken various projects which aim towards education at the grassroots, viz. children. These charities select defined regions where children are deprived of education. These organizations start from the very basic stuff, viz. creating infrastructure. This includes building schools in these areas, creating awareness amongst the families of these children for sending their children to schools and explaining the importance of education to them. These charities provide all the study material, even breakfast and lunch facility to the children so that with education, these children get proper food and nutrition also. The charities have gone to the extent of providing cycles also to the children who live quite far from the school premises, in order to encourage education amongst them.

Women Empowerment – Women have for centuries now been the soft targets. Right from domestic violence to exploitation, they have been bearing a lot for a long time and in the down trodden communities, the percentage of violence and exploitation is much more compared to the other better strata of the society. Numerous charities globally are working towards making women powerful by imparting education to them, work skills and training to make them independent and more. These charities also provide micro loans to women who are talented and are capable of managing a small scale business. They have started various joint projects and cottage industries where women work together and make handicrafts, eatables and stitch clothes, do weaving, etc. Many of these organizations also provide life insurance and scholarships to their children, thus making their families secure.

Sustainable Livelihood – When you provide employment to one man in the family, the whole family becomes stable. Considering the need for employment opportunities amongst the men who are not employed, global charities have undertaken training programs where small scale businesses like cattle rearing, weaving, carpentry, tailoring work, utensil making, repairing work of electrical goods and like skills are taught to the men who are unemployed. These charities also provide them with start up funds and help them manage it for a while till they become stable. Global charities with their efforts have provided employment to numerous men and helped improve the lives of thousands of families.

Health Management – Health is wealth they say. With the objective of taking care of health needs of the poor people in remote areas and in countries that are way below the poverty line, global charities are carrying out many different projects and programs. From the basic health requirements, like health checkup, medicines and care for pregnant women, their infants, old people and all, these charities also carry out large scale activities like building clinics and hospitals with free facilities or health facilities at subsidized rates. These charities also set up free health checkup camps for women, aged people, and men. They carry out surgeries free of charge and also distribute wheel chairs, etc. to the handicapped. These charities work towards satisfying the very basic requirements of these deprived classes, which includes providing proper food and nutrition as well as clean toilets as well as clean and safe drinking water. Their projects include distribution of mosquito nets, blankets, etc. to the needy also.

There are many more activities which include disaster management, home for orphans and old aged people, homes for the mentally challenged poor people as well as employment opportunities for the physically handicapped and much more. Thus, global charities UK are apparently a boon to the society and are doing some amazing work which is commendable.

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List of registered charities


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