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Longboater arrested for hiding video camera in bedroom of rental unit

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Longboat Key resident Wayne Natt, 56, was arrested on Sept. 27 for video voyeurism, a third degree felony.

According to the arrest warrant and Longboat Key Police report, Natt hid a video camera inside a smoke detector mounted on the ceiling of the master bedroom in his home located at 623 Cedars Court on Longboat Key. Natt rented his property on Airbnb and a tenant and his wife discovered the camera.

On Sept. 21, police were dispatched to the Cedars Condominium Clubhouse at Cedars East to meet with the vacationer who said he was concerned that there were at least two hidden cameras in the condo he and his wife had rented.

The complainant said he and his wife had rented unit 623, owned by Natt, and that he had discovered that two smoke detectors had small hidden cameras mounted in them.

Police located one hidden camera above the master bed and another in the ceiling in the living room. The pinhole that the camera was pointing out over in the living room gave a view of the sofa, chairs and dining room table. The camera in the bedroom was pointing directly at the bed.

The complainant, according to police, was very concerned he and his wife’s privacy had been violated. After the complainant’s testimony, Longboat Key Police were granted a search warrant and entered the property. Police took photos of the cameras and removed a San Disk SD storage disc from the camera and placed it into property.

In addition, microphones, numerous data storage devices and computers were also seized during a search of the residence.

Longboat Police, led by Lt. Robert Bourque, interviewed Natt with his attorney on Sept. 26. Natt stated he was the owner of the condominium, lives in the residence by himself, but rents the unit occasionally to help with expenses. According to the arrest affidavit, Natt stated that the hidden cameras belonged to him and he does use them to record sexual activity at his residence. According to police, Natt stated he is a “swinger” and “has people over.” Natt said he records sexual activities but he never records anyone without their knowledge.

Police say that Natt then stated that the complainant who rented the unit was not video taped and the cameras were not on. Police say that turned out to not be true. Natt explained that he can turn the cameras on and off through his laptop over the Internet.

According to Bourque, Natt stated that police will find 20 or 30 recordings of various people having sexual activity, but he asserts “they all had knowledge.” Natt then stated according to Bourque that he only knows some of the people, and only by first name.

Subsequent to the conversation between Bourque and Natt, Manatee County Sheriff’s Offices Technical Services Unit Detective Sgt. Quiles found numerous people and voices were recorded on the SD card including video and audio of the complainant. At one point, the complainant could be seen walking through the bedroom with no clothing and conversations between the complainant and his wife were recorded as well without their knowledge. The complainant affirmed that the video and voices were those of he and his wife and subsequently Natt was arrested on charges of video voyeurism, a 3rd degree Felony.

Bourque said now that Natt’s arrested, he has stopped talking with police. Bourque said the computers will be sent to Federal Department of Law Enforcement where they will be analyzed, copied and it will be determined if other victims may have been recorded without their knowledge.

“We are looking for people who have rented unit 623 at the Cedars and hope they contact us,” said Bourque.

Bourque said that Airbnb already removed his listing and that all of the rental agreements will be subpoenaed for evidence and investigation.

Bourque does not know at this point what Natt was doing with the recordings, if he shared them, uploaded them on the internet or used them for his personal viewing.

Bourque said that a felony occurs if it was not revealed that a camera was at the location and a part of the body that is not usually revealed in public is photographed.

Bourque said that if renters had children who ended up being video taped without clothes just walking through the bedroom, it could open up a whole other level of charges.

Natt has no prior arrests and according to Bourque, bonded out of jail with cash.

As to what the punishment is if convicted, Bourque said it is based on many factors and right now he hopes to determine if there are more victims.

Bourque said people stayed at that residence or are in association with Natt or believe they made have been recorded without consent, to contact him at the Longboat Key Police Department at 941-316-1973.

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