Oct 4 2019

My TritonLink: Tools #ucsd #tritonlink

My TritonLink: Tools (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

Advising tools

  • Degree Audit. Check your academic progress with your degree audit.
  • General Catalog. Read course descriptions for UCSD classes.
  • GPA Calculator. Use this to project your future GPA.
  • Major and Minor. Manage major and minor declarations.
  • Transfer Course Approximations. Find out which classes you can transfer to UCSD.
  • Virtual Advising Center. Get answers to questions from your college academic advising office, as well as select departments.

Classes enrollment tools (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

Update your bookmarks! The Class Planner and Classes Wait List tools will be retired October 30, 2015. The tools are still available to you now, with read-only access, as a courtesy.

Go directly to WebReg 2.0 at to plan and wait-list classes, add personal events to your schedule, view your finals schedule, and other enrollment tasks.

  • Class Planner. Use the Class Planner to create potential course schedules.
  • Classes and Wait Lists. See class and exam schedules plus meeting dates, times, faculty listing and more.
  • Schedule of Classes. See class times, sizes, available seats, prerequisites, course evaluations and faculty listing.
  • Holds. Find out if and why you have a hold, and how to get it removed.
  • WebReg. Register for classes and add, drop, and change them.
  • Ted. Is your professor using Ted for class? (Only some faculty use this tool to assign homework or post specific notices to the class.)

Financial tools (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

  • Billing and Payment. Find out what you owe and pay your bills.
  • Direct Deposit. The fastest, most secure, and environmentally friendly way to receive your financial aid, stipends, and refunds.
  • Financial Aid. View your application status and details about your financial award.
  • Health Fee Waiver. Use this if you want to use private health insurance.
  • Holds. Find out if and why you have a hold, and how to get it removed.
  • Parking Permits. Buy a permit and view your bill online.
  • Residency for Tuition Purposes. Check your residency status.

Engaged learning tools (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

Read more about this unique family of tools to help you make the most of your college experience.

  • Research Experience Applied Learning (REAL) Portal. Discover internships, research opportunities, international experiences, and more.
  • CCR (coming Winter 2016): Record co-curricular activities on your official record, and share it with employers and grad schools.
  • Enhanced Electronic Transcript. Extends your academic transcript to include contextual information about your courses and instructors.
  • ePortfolio. Share a collection of accomplishments, skills, and work experience with prospective employers, grad schools, and professional schools.

Grades transcript tools (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

  • Academic History. See your grades and unofficial transcript.
  • Late Grades Report. If you don’t see a grade listed for a class (10 days after the end of the quarter), check this list, then contact your instructor.
  • Order Transcripts. Order your transcript online.
  • Order Verifications. Order your verification documents online.
  • Track Verification Orders. See if your requested verification has been sent.

Personal career tools (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

  • Addresses. Keep your contact information up to date.
  • Career Portfolio : Tool to be disabled June 30, 2015. Users should save or migrate data to another source (such as UCSD’s Portfolium ) before that date.
  • Portfolium. Unify your work across platforms by creating a digital portfolio to showcase your jobs, projects, research, and more.
  • Port Triton. Student and alumni portal to jobs and internships.
  • Hepatitis B. For new students who need to update their progress on Hep B shots.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire. For new students who need to complete the questionnaire prior to enrolling.
  • We Are Tritons: For new students, this program introduces you to the Triton community and to your role in maintaining a welcoming campus environment.

Other student tools apps (TritonLink webreg ucsd)

  • Ted. Is your professor using Ted for class? (Only some faculty use this tool to assign homework or post specific notices to the class.)
  • WebMail. Check your UCSD e-mail account.
  • Mobile apps. Access the latest UC San Diego information wherever you are (Android and iPhone).
  • Emergency Notification System. Sign up for emergency notices via phone and e-mail.





webreg ucsd

webreg ucsd

webreg ucsd

webreg ucsd

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