Oct 4 2019

Surfside Texas & Galveston beach house vacation rentals #apartments #or #rent

#houses for rent cheap

For a relaxing vacation (or weekend), come stay in a Surfside or Galveston beach house.

In addition to being relaxing, you will find a family vacation spent in a Surfside or Galveston beach house to be much less expensive than other equally nice vacations.

We’re close to Houston

Surfside and Galveston are the closest beaches to Houston, Texas. But since Surfside has much less traffic than Galveston, time-wise, Surfside is the closest beach to Houston.


Considering the quality of our houses, we are very reasonable. We are even more reasonable if you can take advantage of our mid and off season rates. Please see Pricing Information and Ways to Save.

Reducing costs even more

  1. Cut your cost in half by inviting another family to stay with you.
  2. Take advantage of our kitchens and eat a meal or two in.
  3. Check our Last Minute Deals .
  4. Take advantage of our Weekday Specials .

Reunions or Retreats

A beach house in Galveston or Surfside is perfect for family reunions, church retreats, or large groups that want a very special location. Please see Retreats or Reunions.

Things to do

Walk on the beach, collect sea shells, go fishing, or just sit on the front porch and RELAX. For more, please see Things to do .

Surfside Beach Brochure

For a brochure that can be emailed or printed, please see Surfside Beach Brochure (PDF file, 2.8Mb).

Relaxing at the beach.

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