May 19 2019

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Prospective Students

Prospective Students

The University of Alabama offers both research-based and professionally focused programs, at the master’s and doctoral level. Our campus is not only beautiful (among the 50 Most Amazing Campuses, 2017), but has facilities that are second to none—laboratories, collaborative study space, and high-tech classrooms and workspaces.

Visit our Academic Programs page to access information on over 150 graduate-level academic programs, or see below to learn more about graduate study at The University of Alabama.

Apply for admission to The University of Alabama.

Request Information

Request more information about Graduate School.

Schedule a Visit

Take a guided tour of our campus and residence halls.

Grad Ambassadors

Contact with a Graduate School Ambassador

International Students

UA offers many ways for you to become part of the global community on our campus. We have 23 student organizations specific to the international community, as well as Capstone International, which helps you understand all aspects of your student visa and other immigration guidelines. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

International Admissions

Learn about admissions, costs, and requirements for international students.

Capstone International

Providing services and programs for UA international students and families.

Clubs and Organizations

Helping international students transition to the USA, to university life, and to Alabama.

Featured Areas of Study

Water, Energy, and the Environment

Clean water, sustainable energy resources and related environmental issues are global challenges. Water research at UA spans ecosystems from the coast to the interior and explores the fate and removal of contaminants, the impact of climate change and the application of tools such as remote sensing. Energy research at UA includes conventional, alternative and renewable energy, from developing the latest battery technology to increasing production in conventional oil fields. UA researchers also seek solutions to environmental issues through carbon sequestration and other areas of study.


Our world’s transportation infrastructure is aging—regionally, nationally and internationally. UA researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to advancing current technology and expertise in the field of transportation. UA is committed to finding innovative solutions to the complexities of building and maintaining a transportation system that protects lives, creates economic growth, and saves time and energy resources. UA’s partnerships with local government and industry promote education, research and technology transfer.

Cybersecurity and Information Technology

An increasing global dependence on computers and cyber-related technologies presents challenges. UA researchers are at the forefront of advancing our understanding of these challenges and their dynamics. With an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, faculty from the College of Engineering, the Culverhouse College of Commerce and the College of Arts and Sciences, among others, foster outreach and collaboration with other universities, government agencies and private-sector companies.

Life Research and Biotechnology

UA researchers in the disciplines of biological sciences, chemistry, chemical and biological engineering, and psychology pioneer advances in life research and biotechnology. Research topics include (1) diseases of the nervous system, especially Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders; (2) magnetic materials for biological applications that can aid in detection of diseased tissue; (3) development of improved drug systems, biological and biomedical detection, and diagnostic systems; and (4) new interventions and the dissemination of information related to mental health and aging.

Funding and Support

Financial support in the form of assistantships, fellowships and scholarships are available to qualified students. In most cases, assistantships and fellowships include a full-tuition scholarship, health insurance and a generous stipend.

Visit the Financial Assistance section of the Graduate Catalog to learn more.

Graduate School Scholarships & Fellowships

View scholarships and fellowships offered by the Graduate School

Scholarships and Grants for Minorities

View scholarships and grants offered to various minority groups.

Other Grants and Scholarships

View scholarships and grants offered by other entities.

Welcome to The University of Alabama Graduate School. Our students are enrolled in over 120 master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral programs. The University of Alabama, as one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most dynamic top 50 public universities, features nationally prominent programs.

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Prospective Students

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